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On Tour

oh hiiiiiii. it's been forever. felt like forever and now, i am back home and ready to turn DOWN. i was gonna post everything i've been up to since mid april, but i'd rather break it up into different posts, so i'll for sure be posting a couple of times throughout june and i'm excited about that because that means more content for you guys. i reallllyyy wanna talk about how tour went with kai, teo, and i. i'm gonna post hella pictures i took and everything that went down: how i felt, all of the moving around, the tour bus, etc etc etc. all of that! i'll go in depth of how it was traveling with mateo. it's still crazy to me that it's june 1st. kai started his ITCO tour end of february. he's been gone (not continuously) since then! wow. time is flying and for the first time, i'm actually happy that everything is done and over with. not trying to sound ungrateful, it's just nice being back home doing what we do best: relax, go to church, and hang out with our friends and family.

so mateo and i met kai in NY. that's when our tour adventure started with him, and yes. i brought my mom, lol. because she's the best, we needed the help, and she's the best. so glad i have a mom like my mom that is willing to go wherever and whenever with us. it also benefits her because she got to see all the cool places in canada + east coast. when we met kai in NY, we knew it was going to be a lot of moving around. we stayed at our favorite hotel in brooklyn called the brookyln 1 hotel. fun fact: randomly ran into justin bieber's fave pastor (forgot his name, too lazy to look it up. no it's not judah smith.) in an elevator. beside the hotel is a beautiful walking area + park and teo loved the swing part the most. each city that we stayed in was a quick stay, between 1 and 2 days. so we were prepared for a lot of ubers, carrying and installing teo's car seat, quick errands to grocery stores for snacks, food in general. my mom and i had a chance to walk across the brooklyn bridge all the way to manhattan. we honestly kept walking until our feet hurt. we went by glossier, bloomingdales, any little corner store that caught our eye. it was exhausting, and i'm pretty sure we lost 5 pounds from all the walking, but it is so refreshing walking around NYC. it's such a fast pace city and for a minute, i thought "i could live here," but then i realized kai wouldn't, so thought crushed. kai's show in NY was extremely lit. lit is getting annoying to say, but it really was. the crowd responded well to the show and it was just fun knowing i was supporting my husband all the while teoito was smashing room service food with my mom. i cannot express enough how GOOD the room service is at the 1 hotel. bomb. after kai's show, around 10pm, we settled in the tour bus to start that week of traveling.

yes, mateo did very well on the bus... surprisingly. you guys really don't know how much he moves. he does not walk, ever. he runs and runs until he looks back and realizes i'm not at his side anymore. the tour bus was big enough for him to move around and to get as much energy out as possible. the master bedroom was comfy, the living room area was spacious. i told kai if we could do the tour bus again, we would. even my mom is down for round 2! after NY, we woke up in boston. my least favorite city was boston, lol. the day flew by and we had to do a lot of tedious movements in order to settle down and by the time we settled down, i had no energy to go to kai's show, so my mom, teo, and i hung out in the hotel / bus, talking and eating. two faves. i remember kai came back from his show and he said it was more lit that NY and all i thought was, "deep ragret." i spelled it wrong for a reason, meme reference*. oh yeah, NY has uber car seats, life saver. figured out boston doesn't, so. kai's tour manager aka the best tour manager ever tamir had to go to target to get a car seat for us. any moms out there have heard of cosco car seat? the cheapest but good quality car seat?! i'm THIS close to just using that one now, wow. it's so comfortable for teo and extremely light! we used that for the rest of the week during tour whenever we had to uber and it was super easy installing it. so boston was basically a rest stop for us. tbh, i'm salty because we were hella close to harvard and i've been wanting to get a harvard sweater to have that legally blonde vibe in my closet, but it was a no go.

let's talk about my favorite city: MONTREAL. the food. the people. the weather. it was my first time in canada, so waking up in montreal was such a mood. side note: the bus driver usually drove from 4am until whenever the city was next, so it was interesting waking up to a bus moving, but easy enough to fall back asleep. that's the best thing about the tour bus... NOT flying. tsa can get gone.  we arrived in montreal and the weather was on point. it was sunny and breezy. tamir's sister was telling me that the weather was just cloudy, so of course God had to give us that good sunshine right on time! mateo spent a lot of time at a nearby park from the bus and there was a lot of people laying out, enjoying the sun. being there for a couple of days had me wanting to learn french. i had poutine for the first time and... yes. i was hype. our friends took us to the best spot to get poutine. it didn't disappoint. we also got to visit old montreal and the notre-dame basilica of montreal aka just a huge, impressive, somewhat creepy cathedral. that night, kai's show was pretty early so it was nice getting back to mateo and he was sound asleep, which meant we were ready to fall asleep with a quickness. i want to mention that as fun as it is sightseeing and eating, there is nothing like sitting, LOL. i mean that. what's next? toronto. can we skip toronto? lol. i'm sorry, but toronto is dry and all the buildings look the same and eh. not much to mention. yes, kai's show was amazing there! so i'll mention that. all of the venues during tour were actual venues with barriers and heavy security. that's ya girl's favorite thing: security.

one week flies by. after toronto, we only had two more shows left: detroit and chicago. kai thinks his best crowd was definitely detroit and i can tell why. when a crowd interacts well with kai and just knows and feels the music, everything just works out and blends well. oh yeah we had wack mexican food in detroit LOL. i know that's random to mention, but you know when something is so bad you have to talk about it? yeah, it was that mexican spot we went to. it was a recommendation... which is even worse. but let's move on to the last day of tour, chicago. so many friends of ours came out to see kai and it was the best feeling knowing that we made it. we did a week of traveling with our baby teo. the show was so live and it's incredible to see how many people know kai's music and they come out to support him, see him do what he does best. it's still hard for me to process everything that we accomplished during tour, but it was so worth it. i had doubt and fear before we left for tour. i didn't wanna do it and i almost backed out last minute. God knows i'm such a homebody. He knows i like my comfort and i like the same old routine i have, but i realized that it's ignorant of me to not accept the opportunity that kai offered. if God is clearly showing me what we can do as a family, why not run with it? yes, each city was nice to experience, all the food we ate was delicious, the community that kai has is a blessing, but there's nothing like being reassured that God has our back and He is there to push us forward in moments of hesitation. that's all i thought about during tour. i thought about how far God has brought us. what we accomplished has nothing to do with our happiness. our happiness is knowing that at the center all of the joy and stress and movement, there is Jesus and the peace He is giving us. i don't think i've ever done this much moving around before, but i am SO glad i did because i can tell myself: wow you did this. you didn't go back home in times of stress. i don't know if this post sounds rushed, but that's how i've been feeling lately, in a good way! i feel rushed in a way where i'm pushing out my comfort zone. i'm being myself more. i'm more open about my experiences and my relationship with God all because of spending one week on tour! like i've said, i'm still processing everything, but everything is just so good right now. feeling blessed and praising God for it.

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