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Back in Spring

7 weeks! i was in michigan for 7 weeks. it went by fast, to be honest, but not the part when kai was gone. he went from brazil to europe to wherever else God took him. i swear he's the best at blending in and traveling. it's a gift. hella flights, no sleep. what's new, but we are so, so glad to be home. i had serious fomo seeing all of our friend's pictures from seattle. i missed our church, our home, and the quality time. i thank God for my family, all of the help and love they offered. mateo had the best time, especially with his grandparents. what did i do in michigan? nothing really. i think i mentioned it in my other post that michigan was my place of rest and i truly meant that. i went thrifting with my mom, i went to dinner with kai whenever he had a mini break from tour, i went swimming with mateo, and there was seriously nonstop laughing with my entire family. it was everything i hoped for and i could cry right now knowing God gave me His perfect timing. what's a little funny is that when we arrived in seattle, a couple of days later, my family came here for spring break! we were basically inseparable for two whole months. i loved it. it was nice hosting my family here as they did for me in michigan.

a couple of things to mention:
i turned 25 in michigan.
i found some really neat stuff while thrifting.
kai bought me dad shoes in europe.
mateo grew a whole bunch and he makes me so happy.
i found my sense of self... again.
kai and i have gone on a lot of dates, exactly what we needed.
our church had its first easter service.
kai goes back on tour in may, i'm going. teo too.
i discover(ed) more about God each day, He's timeless.

can i just say, spring in seattle. welcome! i love all of the rain, the vibrant colors, the muddy sidewalks, and mateo's ability of not slipping outside as he runs and runs and runs... and runs. i'm not lying to you guys. he never stops running. he doesn't know what walking is. he can't sit still for one second. those are probably kai's genes, because... me? running? skrrrrt. ok, so speaking of outside and colors. i found such good stuff while thrifting with my mom and sister when they were visiting. in this new season, i wanted to relax on the amount of things i was buying. no more sweatpants. shoes. shirts. i wanted to focus on mixing different pieces together so i could have multiple outfits with the same type of vibe throughout these next couple of months. yes, that's a soulection x bbc collab and it's all of our dreams come true. an accomplishment for our soulection family.

my favorite thing to wear has to be the raf simons x adidas shoes that kai got me in europe. they are extremely cozy! and not too chunky at all. he also bought me a comme hoodie, size small in mens which is surprisingly more fitting than a womens size. and of course good friends from daily paper had to do the most generous, and this green and purple coat y'all, so versatile. from the thrift pile: denim dress, dress shirts, pants, etc etc etc. i did buy a couple of goodies for my birthday, of course. gucci crossbody purse and monki jeans!!! i'm in love with monki jeans now. the stretch is perfect, the length gives me enough room for cuffing or none! i recently just found a pair of topshop mom jeans as well. i've had them since 2015 and i don't know how i lost them in my closet, but i did. i found them because i went through so many clothes i don't wear anymore and i donated three huge bags full of clothes, purses, shoes, etc. right when kai and i got back home to seattle, that's exactly what we did. we got rid of a lot (i say this while i talk about how i found stuff while thrifting, smh) and deep cleaned the apartment. it felt really nice and we needed it. i remember reading somewhere that it should be a goal to give away a pair of shoes that you don't wear when you buy a new pair and i've been doing that.

also, let's talk about how blessed i am/we are to go grocery shopping. God has put that in my heart for so long now. whenever kai and i run out of food, i'm usually the one grocery shopping. it's like therapy to me. it's a huge blessing being able to drive down the street to a local market, buying food to keep our bellies full and the abundance that we can buy. it's such a simple task to do, but it's more than that. especially if it annoys people doing such task. i know a couple of friends of mine who hate going grocery shopping because it does seem like a long process, but with a grateful mind, everything that we do daily is a blessing. i know it's been over a month since i've updated my blog, but my sleep is important ok. the jet lag was real, mateo's constant tantrums were real, and my crippling anxiety was real. but with prayer and the Word, i'm good now.

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