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What I'm Reading


I swear January was the longest month ever. Apart from Mateo being sick most of the month, I'm glad it's over. The month and the sickness I mean. I saw this meme recently and it said "January was the longest year ever." Or my favorite, "It deadass feels like January 74th." January is like a super long Monday. It feels like it's never gonna end, and now we're in February! It's been nice now that Mateo isn't as sick, the teething is still there though. Why does it take so long for one molar to come all the way through? His top molars will probably take another year or two to come in, but dang man. I just want my boy to be at peace for a bit! I'm letting him watch his favorite show right now as I update my blog. Other moms, don't judge his screen time ok. Screen time is necessary and my blog update is necessary. I've been meaning to update for awhile!

I'm excited to share the books I'm reading and my routine of reading and writing for the year. To be honest though, I wish I wasn't impulsive with book buying. I should finish a book first before I buy another one, but it's cool. I like having a stack of books to look at everyday, knowing it's gonna keep me calm and collected. That's usually what I do for my alone time. I read. I read a lot. I used to hate reading though, ask my sisters. I don't think I had enough patience to read, so I skipped it all together. Come to figure out, I do like reading and it depends on the book that will keep me engaged. Side note: Mateo is interrupting this blog update because he wants to take off his diaper and show it to me like it's a reward. Woosah.

OK! So. Let me introduce ya'll to my new babies aka books.
Oh wait, I'm also gonna mention that I started a bullet journal. Saw a girl I follow do it on YouTube and then I researched about it and then yeah, bullet journals for life. Shout out Poppy Deyes.

Books I'm reading:
Biblical Psychology by Oswald Chambers
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon
Devotions For A Deeper Life by Oswald Chambers
Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Tiny Potty Training Book by Andrea Olson
The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis
You and Me Forever by Francis Chan & Lisa Chan

Crap, why did I have to write all the books out? I look crazy reading all the books and honestly, some of those books I'm not reading entirely, like the devotionals and the potty training book. It's ok to miss a few days of the devotionals. That's what I like them! I did start reading the problem with pain last year, and I'm still sort of hesitant to read it now. C.S. Lewis is extremely smart and the words, phrases, etc he uses, I'm like... Do I just keep a dictionary on me while I read the book or? Also! I'm really happy with myself because I'm not putting a lot of pressure on myself to read them all before the year ends. I gave myself a list because I want to have options and I want to have a chance to start something without the mentality of a perfectionist. I want to be forgetful, I want be a bit messy (lol), I want to take my time, all those things that are totally not me, but I'm willing to be because 2018 motto: God got the control, whatever it may be.

As you can already tell, I'm a big fan of Oswald Chambers. I swear God directed me to his books because he has so much wisdom! God will use anyone and anything to display His grace and truth, but let's not forget: God is above all knowledge. I got deep there, didn't I? Francis Chan! Charles Spurgeon too. Tell me why I cried the first page I read. No wonder he was called the prince of preachers, he really got the right words to say. It's fascinating to see how God stretches over time, while being timeless, and He touches people's lives whenever it's holy. My 2018 focus: sanctification. I added anne of green gables and LOTR because why not? As much truth that I can find in spiritual/religious books, I also want to expand my imagination and picture what books talk about. I think that will also help me start creating more. I've been so, so hesitant with getting back into designing. It's hard to start, but my other 2018 motto: start it, finish it.

My bullet journal!!! My other new baby, lol. I love how I can get so personal with it. That's why I'm not gonna show what's inside, but I'll let you know, I have cute polaroids of Mateo and Kai in it. Also, cute little drawings and bills I gotta pay (dgfdgjhfdkjh). I was watching AmandaRachLee on YouTube and she's amazing at showing how to start a bullet journal, a lot of neat and creative ideas that I did copy from. I wanted to start a bullet journal because I know it'll keep me busy and I'll have something to look forward to. I have a basic (but beautiful, check out the owl though) journal that I write in everyday, well almost everyday. I fill out an entire page and I love it! I put the date and time on each page that I write. By writing and reading, I know it'll help me post on here more and write more. Pictures are great and all, but words are my favorite.


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