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Ok, Astaire got me thrifting nonstop now.

Oh yeah, I was gonna mention how Michigan went.
Michigan was nice! It's just nice to be there with family and let everyone spend time with Mateo. It was hot though, like sticky and nasty and I don't miss that. We didn't really do much in Michigan. We ate, hung out, slept, spent time with family - the usual. It flew by pretty fast too. Two weeks wasn't long enough, but it was at the same time because I missed our home. I forgot to bring two books that I planned on reading while in Michigan, so when I got home, I legit spent a good chunk of time catching up. Kai's cousins and I went to an outlet and there were a lot of fourth of July deals, so that was my chance to go in. I was surprised myself because I usually just go online shopping, so I'll post a couple of pictures of my favorite items. Kai and I went to Chicago a couple of days after we got to MI. He had a performance at Mamby, so during our down time, we finally tried Shake Shack, which was bomb af. We also went to Nike and bought a couple of things. One of my favorite things I bought was a cute/comfortable midi skirt. Other than that, Michigan was relaxing. I really missed my mom (dad and sisters too) and it felt so good catching up with her.

So! Let's talk about what I found thrifting! I'm pretty proud of myself.
I found Teo and I some valuable items and I'm so pumped about it.

For Teo
9 MO Adidas shorts
18 MO Ralph Lauren camo waffle long sleeve
12 MO Ralph Lauren polo white t-shirt

For me
Tommy Hilfiger slip-on shoes
Levi's mom jeans
dainty bar necklace
Adidas tear away pants (!!!)

For me (from outlet & other local shops)
Levi's black jean jacket
Nike Air Max 95
Dickies fanny pack
Nike sportswear tech fleece skirt

Yes. I'm happy about all of this.

The weather is amazing in Seattle, it's been so nice to just spend time not being pregnant in the summer. I get to be more active and Mateo is loving the sunshine and surprisingly, he loves grass. Kai's been home most of summer with a few shows here and there. In August, we are both going to the Soulection festival and I'm so ready for that, so ready to see everyone I haven't seen in a long time. We're also going to Afropunk at the end of August. Mateo will be joining us for that trip and I'm excited to bring him along. Traveling with a baby isn't so hard when you have support and don't overthink. That's my big lesson from God! I hope to post again soon, week or two. Maybe another thrift post? No? Kai's low key probably getting annoyed of how much I thrift, but he supports it either way. :) I also wanna do a post of the books I've been reading and the experiences/lessons God has put on my heart. I'm ready to share that with you guys and I know it'll help me open up more on my blog. I wanna be as real as possible.

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