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It's sunny everyday in Seattle! How rare and to be honest, I don't really like it. I mean I do for a couple of days, but after that, it just gets too hot and I miss the rain, the cloudiness, and the idea of staying inside without feeling guilty. On the sunny days, I've been going to Value Village with Astaire because we've been on a mission on finding some good, flow-y summer clothes. We've succeeded in some areas, but we still haven't found black denim jackets. For some reason, Rider jeans made by Lee have been my findings and they fit perfectly too! I'm sorta surprised. I bought a pair of black denim Rider jeans and mom jeans. I think each were around $5. That's an amazing come up. Astaire got me back into my thrifting game. I used to thrift a lot with my mom and sister a few years back, but I don't know what happened. I think I just randomly stopped going with them. I'm excited about it again though. Ya'll don't know how good Astaire is at thrifting. God's looking out for her obviously, but who finds shoes that were originally $500 for $15?

Some of the things I've been looking for while thrifting:

  • black denim jacket
  • soccer jerseys
  • levi boyfriend & mom jeans
  • dad hats
  • oversized flannels
  • culottes
  • pleated skirts

For me, it's easier to online shop. Easy to sit on the couch and look at thing and just press order. But. Thrifting is what gets me out of the house and puts me in a good mood, so I'm ready to find more goodies. I can check off half of the list up there. Astaire and I went to Value Village on the day they had 50% off everything. Imagine that. I think my pleated skirt was only a dollar. What's important while thrifting is to try things on. Some people don't like that since the clothes aren't washed yet, but I'd rather take a minute of my time to try it all on. I pick out certain jeans or dresses that might look good on me in my head, but they might look unpleasant once on. That happens to me a lot when it comes to jeans.

One of my Mother's Day gifts from Kai was the all white yeezys. They're extremely comfortable and the all white goes with any outfit. Honestly, they are more comfortable then the ultra boosts which says a lot. I've been wearing the yeezys a lot along with my Adidas slides since the weather is warming up. Oh yeah, I forgot! About a month ago, I bought Adidas EQT racing shoes and a big shopper bag. Those were Mother's Day gifts from me, to me. ;) I also like to switch up my purses, and my friend Bo gifted me a Seattle Stussy tote bag and I use it everyday. I love it! There's so much room and I'm constantly putting Mateo's bottles, shoes, socks, diapers in there. Along with my wallet, change purse, and everything else. I think this summer, I'm gonna try to really simplify my wardrobe. I like simple pieces of clothes. Plain shirts with culottes. Flannels with skinny jeans. Plain black dress with trainers. It's easy to get carried away with all of the trends that are happening right now, but what really makes an outfit work is simplicity. That's MY opinion obviously. Wear what makes you happy! Trend or not, be comfortable in your skin and in our clothes.

I'll be updating my blog a lot more this month! There's lots to talk about.
Also, Kai and I will be in Michigan for 2 weeks in June. Am I excited? Yes, to see family. :) Other than that, I'm so ready to spend more time here in Seattle in the summer. Mateo is growing so big and I want him to enjoy his first summer.

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