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Glossier, thank you for saving my life. I'm being dramatic, but I'm also being honest.

I've had the hardest time trying to figure out what type of makeup to use. I started using less make up throughout high school + college, and I wanted to find something that was easy to apply and didn't take me forever to put on. The process of applying makeup is hella annoying and tedious. I could never figure out what brushes to buy and use. I tried bb cream, foundation, concealer, you name it. I tried setting powder, contour kits, matte lipstick/lipgloss, I tried everything and I spent a lot of money. It's crazy how expensive makeup is. One time I spent around $200 on products I barely used. I tried my hardest to use them, to enjoy them, but it didn't work out. Before Glossier, I only used mascara, a little bit of bronzer, and eyebrow pencil. I would text my friend Alexis a lot to ask questions about what type of products to use and she always told me I didn't need a lot of makeup because my skin was already good enough without it. Thank you, Lexi! You've always been so real and you makeup skills are fire.

When I first saw Glossier on social media, I was skeptical. I wasn't sure if it was worth buying, but I really wanted to try it. I liked the design, the colors. That's what pulled me in at first. The simplicity of it all and the fact that I could use my fingers to apply the makeup. My friend Astaire bought a couple of things while she was in NY and she highly recommended it. Ok, why not? I bought: boy brow, 2 cloud paints, stretch concealer, and generation g. The total was $70. Yes, that's a bit pricey, but I saved around $10 because I bundled together a couple of the products.

Is Glossier worth it? Yes! A million time yes.

Do I want more products? Yes. Next purchase will be more cloud paint, haloscope, and perfecting skin tint. I'll get into the skincare line some other time! I'm excited about that. I saw that they have a face serum for redness and I'm so ready to use that.

As much as I love the cloud paint, the stretch concealer has my heart. I finally found a concealer that applies well on my skin (using my fingers!), and it's not too thick or too thin. It makes your skin glow. The cloud paint gives my skin such a nice color and it almost looks like a tan, super natural looking. One product that has been such a success is the boy brow, but to be completely honest, it wouldn't be something that I would keep buying. Only because my eyebrows are thick and dark enough that I wouldn't need to use it as much. If anyone is down to try out Glossier, please do. I probably won't try anything else, but Glossier.

Glossier, you got me.

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