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Spring time


Ahhhh! It's been a month since I've updated my blog. I suck. I'm sorry. I truly do have intentions of updating my blog once a week, but it's hard. Maybe I should do short posts every week instead of the regular long ones once a month? Does it matter? Probably not. I gotta stop thinking too hard about what I'm going to post and just do it. So at the end of March, Kai went to Europe for a week to end his tour. The week went by fast, but it was hard knowing that he was almost done and I wanted him home so bad! He wasn't home a lot when we were in MI for a month. I barely spent quality time with him. Now that he's home thooough! So excited, lol. He sent me flowers every week he was gone. :') My hubby knows best. He's been home for about 3 weeks now and we've gone to our favorite places: IKEA, PCC, Target, and parks. Kai and I were just talking about driving down to Portland this summer. It's only about 2 and a half hours away which surprises me because I used to hate driving to Detroit from Grand Rapids. It's the same distance. I feel like if you're trying to drive out of Michigan, it's gonna be forever. That's just me though probably.

The weather is finally getting super nice here!!! It's a little windy, but that spring breeze is on point. The days feel hella longer too which is so nice. I'm excited for Mateo to be a little bigger so we can do fun baby stuff in the summer. Play at the park, touch some lake water, relax, and celebrate the blessings! Yesterday was Easter. One of my favorite holidays. I don't even wanna call it a holiday because it's much more than that. So good knowing Jesus rose and is willing to save His creations. We went over Kai's uncle's house and had salmon. Let me tell you how bomb his uncle makes salmon. It's unbelievably juicy and good. The day was perfect. Sometimes you just gotta surround yourself with family to brighten up your soul. I say "sometimes" because I couldn't think of another word. Mateo found an egg too! Thanks to his daddy. I love how much Mateo is talking now and more mobile. Besides the times where he decides to be lazy and all he wants to do is eat his food and watch Little Einsteins. He is definitely me and Kai's child, lol. 

Besides how nice Easter was, Kai was a judge at a beat battle on Friday and we invited some friends! He was a judge alongside Ryan Lewis (Macklemore's DJ). The things Kai does for work would make me so nervous, but he does everything with such ease. The beat battle felt like forever though. That was kind of annoying, but as producers were getting voted off, the battle went by quicker. My back was hurting and I was missing my sweets, so we were out of there so fast after it was done. I got to meet Ryan too who was very kind.

I know kombuchas are the big hype right now, but I'm actually really enjoying them. I found Health Ade kombucha at PCC and pink lady apple has to be thee best one I've tasted and they make my tummy feel so much better after a big meal. They make me feel better in general honestly. I feel a lot lighter throughout the day and I have more energy than usual. That makes sense since I'm always telling Kai I'm leaving Mateo with him so I can drive around town because I'm so bored and hyper. Oops. We're gonna be traveling to Michigan in May again! For some family stuffff and I think Chicago too in June? Kai has a show there and it'll be fun to go, so I'm excited for whatever is in store these next few months. I really wanna plan some fun things to do with Teo and Kai this summer. I gotta think of ideas!

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