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No Place Like Home

After spending an entire month in Michigan, we are finally back in Seattle. Kai was touring for six weeks, only taking a few days off and the majority of the shows were in the east coast. That gave us a perfect chance to visit our families so they can meet Mateo for the first time and Kai could make shorter flights instead of flying all the way from Seattle. I guess that sorta worked out, but the airport in Grand Rapids is so small and it's hard to pick a flight that saves time and money. Well, when we got there, Kai had to fly out again that next day for work. He was gone a lot and to be honest, it was really really hard. I missed him a lot, so did Mateo. My family was great help though. That was my dad's first time meeting Teo and it made me extremely happy seeing my dad hold him. Mateo spent a lot of time at Kai's mom's house and it gave me a nice break. What did I do with that time? I slept and my mom made me hella food. That's what I also missed! My mom and dad's cooking. Carne asada, chorizo con huevo, enchiladas, you name it - I ate it. I think after the third week, I started to miss home. I missed our apartment and I missed cleaning it. That sounds weird, but I love cleaning, lol. Mateo also started to get uneasy. He probably missed his swing, playmat, all of his toys. I don't blame him. He's probably gonna be a homebody like me and Kai.

It didn't really snow in Michigan. I was hoping for that. I was hoping for inches of snow on the ground. Waking up to that crisp air is so nice. What's ironic is that the day before we left to Michigan, it snowed a whole bunch here! It was insane and pretty. We live right beside a park and our balcony faces it, so when I woke up that morning, the sky was blue. Everything was blue and it was so quiet, it kinda made me emotional. Oh yeah, I also took out Mateo in the snow. His first time and he ate snow! We went up to the roof. I put him in his cute snow outfit, wore him in the ergo baby, and we were only up there for about 6 minutes. I didn't realize how windy it was, but it was. The plane ride to Michigan wasn't bad at all. He slept the majority of the time flying to Chicago and that flight was little under 4 hours. I wore him the entire time! The flight from Chicago to Grand Rapids was only 20 minutes and he fell asleep again. He slept a lot, but traveling with a baby is a lot of work. It's easy when you have help, thanks to my husband, but I don't know. It just seemed like a lot of work. Maybe that's just me overanalyzing like usual. Mateo is a good baby though. He was very relaxed. Thanks to my hub for having TSA pre-check! That also helps out a ton. That same week when we got to Michigan, Kai had a show in Chicago on Saturday. He sold out the Metro! That's a huge deal. It was nice interacting and being social. I haven't done that in awhile. Kai been selling out the majority of his shows and his album isn't even out yet. He's actually releasing another Brazilian album next week sometime before he releases ITCO. God is so good! He has one more week left in Europe and he's done touring for awhile. Thank God! I need hubby home. We are so blessed to have such free time to do whatever we want. We never take this for granted. 

Mateo has been sitting up all by himself now!!! He still wobbles a bit, but he's almost there and every morning when I pick him up after he wakes up, he feels heavier. I want him to be little forever. :'( Jk, no I don't. I want him to start walking and talking. He's such a beauty. Motherhood has been good to me lately. Mateo is such a chill baby. Everyone tells me that too and the fact that I don't work, I get to spend every day / all day with him. It's nice to be able to be a stay-at-home mom. I have so much respect for the moms and single moms who grind and have to work. I think I read somewhere on Facebook that if they had to put a price on a stay-at-home mom, she would be worth around $147,300 a year. I know you can't put a price on a mom like that, but it's nice knowing that the world doesn't completely ignore how much work moms at home put in to keep EVERYTHING organized. We're basically home managers. My friend Astaire does it with 4 kids + a baby. She's an OG to this! My birthday is coming up next week Thursday! I'm gonna be 24. My Kobe year! I don't know what I'm doing yet for my birthday, but I'm excited about it. Maybe it's because I get to celebrated with Teo. Being a mother for real changes every little aspect in your life. It's a lot, but nice at the same time. Anyway, I don't think there's anything else I wanna talk about. I'm trying to think, but Mateo is kinda fussy right now and he wants his mama. Yes, one more thing. I recently bought a Baby Brezza one step food maker since Mateo is ready to eat solids now, so my next post will be about that and how I'll prep/make his food!

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