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PDX, Advent, & Holiday Season

how is november already over with? thanksgiving?! where did fall go? man you guys, i wish fall was year long. well, seattle fall rather. this crisp air... never not enjoying it. a couple of days before thanksgiving, kai, teo, and i drove down to portland because kai had a holiday show. since portland isn't too far from here, it was a good opportunity to make it a family road trip. the traffic was ridic and there were a few hiccups on the way there, but i'm so glad we pushed ourselves to do this. we're such homebodies, so doing something like that is an accomplishment for us, lol. thanks to our friend connor for giving us lots of food and coffee recommendations. from our hotel, which by the way had heated tile floors (yasss), we were hella near food trucks and local shops. i swear kai and i tasted the best halal food there. we were TRIPPIN at every bite we took, we were shook. the tacos were bomb too, and the biscuits, and coffee, pretty much everything. portland reminds me a lot of seattle, so i could definitely see myself living there. the vibes. teo was able to go to kai's show, which was at the portland art museum, but he didn't last for long. a toddler teething needs a lot of cuddles and sleep with mama. a couple of hours before we left, we went to louis vuitton because i've been wanting an LV purse for a very a long time (christmas present from myself to myself <3). i got the alma bb in a cool color and texture/pattern. it's the perfect size!

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i can't believe we're already halfway through december. it's the 11th, so basically halfway right? lol. kai and i are heading to michigan for christmas to be with our families and i'm so excited for that! i feel like the last month of the year usually flies by because we're all busy holiday shopping and just counting down the days until christmas. speaking of counting down the days, i love advent calendars. last year, i made a fujifilm polaroid advent and i'm doing it again this year! i think this year, i'm going to make each day a little more detailed. i would usually taking a picture of teo, but i wanna take a special time of the day and capture it. for the second day of advent, i took a picture of my hobbit lego set that janaia and asia helped me build! i am so happy they enjoy it as much as i do. well, asia probably more, but janaia is always there for support, lol! i was finally able to buy bilbo's hobbit hole. i've been wanting it for so long, and i found it on amazon for a reasonable price. hobbit/lotr lego sets are usually pretty pricey since they're discontinued, so ya girl came up. on the first day of advent, i took a picture of mateo getting ready to eat his breakfast. that might seem simple to take a picture of, but moments like that i'm grateful for. god wakes us up every morning with renewing mercies and i'm happy i'm waking up to a healthy and happy family. my mornings with teo are by far my favorite. it's something about the calmness of a morning and the dim light that comes in from our balcony.

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since we are spending christmas with our families in michigan, i had to decide if i should even put our tree up here. i didn't want to at first. i thought it was pointless and not worth it, but i didn't want to go through two weeks of no tree! that's not christmas spirit, you feel me? so i put on the grinch (for my enjoyment since teo doesn't care about anything besides little einsteins and trolls) and put up the tree! mateo was enjoying all of the ornaments by pulling them off the tree and throwing them around the house. god, give me more patience. i like the idea of a simple minimal tree, so i'm glad i kept all of the ornaments from last year. it makes the room look neater and cleaner! not sure if i mentioned this, but i bought my fave calendars from rifle paper co! sooo excited to use them next year. i also went thrifting and i came up on white converse and white vans. i like how grungy white shoes can look! i need to update you guys on the books i've been reading. that'll be next post! until next time y'all.

Happy Holidays!

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