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Fall Layers

Mateo is finally down for a nap right now. I swear I'm the most productive while he's taking a nap. I needed to update my blog, which I am now, I need to catch up on my show, cook lunch, sort through mail and packages, etc etc. Boring adult stuff, but it's what my life is about. Not complaining, just life ya know? I wanted to update you guys on a couple of items I've bought for the fall and winter. Some of my favorite purchases and I think I'm posting a few old ones from last year, but they are my go-to! Fall is me and Kai's favorite season. He's already talking about how much he misses October. The air is nice and crisp, the rain is brightening all of the colors outside, and it gives me a reason to bundle up and feel hella toasty/warm. I can't believe is already Holiday season. Around this time of the year, it always feels like it's flying by. Everyone is so busy trying to get things together for the holidays. I mean, I do that too, but I won't let it get to me this year like it did last year. Things only get hectic if you let them.

Now onto the cozy goodies.

Shoes first! Of course, hehe. I HAD to get these Adidas NMD CS2 shoes. Why? Because first of all, that pattern is so good. It gives the shoes such personality and it can go well with a simple/basic outfit when I'm not in the mood to get dressed up. I would recommend sizing down, the material is extremely stretchy, so my feet have a lot of room and I mostly wear thick Stance socks with these. Omg, honestly, I forgot all about my Flax AF1 shoes. I got them last year in MI and since my shoe rack situation in my closet is sort of a mess, I tend to forget what I have. Kai actually was like, "These are fire! How come you don't wear these as much?" It's because my closet is a mess, ok. These shoes are the best color for the season, a lot of grip to them, and the comfort level is a 10. Shout out to Turo for having these at All City Kicks!

Sometimes, I laugh at myself for hating pants. Well I used to. I also hated wearing sneakers and now... Sneakers and joggers/pants/tights are #1 in my closet. It's important to feel comfortable in whatever you're wearing, so I love buying pants that feel comfortable and tight on me. I thrifted Dickies with Astaire not too long ago and I've been on the hunt for some. They fit perfectly and the quality is amazing. They were only $7! You know what else was $7? A freaking Levi's black denim skirt that I've been also wishing for!!! If ya'll want to be blessed, go thrifting with my bestie because it just always works out. A few months back, I found Adidas tear away pants that I can finally wear in this weather and Kai bought me these Adidas TNT trefoil wind pants. I got a size medium in mens. Is it just me or do mens sizes fit a little better than womens sizes? I swear I love wearing Kai's joggers more than mine. Just me? Ok, well anyway. The wind pants are airy enough and perfect enough for the rain. The logo on the side also gives the pants an old school feel. The checkered pants, which are actually my favorite right now, I got from vans. They are slim fit with good size pockets. I love a good size pocket. Mostly because I can fit my huge iPhone 7. First world problems af.

Tops! Coats! Jackets!!! Yes. Yes to it all. Can we talk about my Monki faux fur leopard print coat? The fit, the quality, the length, the comfort, 10/10. Kai and I visit Stussy Seattle every once and awhile to catch up with friends that work there! I bought two things: bomber and mock neck long sleeve that I loooove. I haven't worn the long sleeve yet. Is it weird that I wait for the perfect moment to wear my new clothes? I paired the bomber with black ASOS joggers and a black tee, good outfit to go grocery shopping, lol. Adulting is serious. I love it when Kai gives me his Bape that he's not into anymore, like that hoodie! It's thick enough to not wear a shirt under. I feel like that would be too much anyway. The amount of exercise I do by just being a mom, I honestly can't afford to wear too many layers. Sweat would be my middle name and I'm not about that life. I saved my most important piece for last because... well, it's a vintage Bape shirt and I'm so hyped I have it! 2007 Bape designed by Nigo. It's an XXL, I love wearing it with black leggings or Adidas track pants. The perfect length to turn it into a summer dress, that's a look.

Ok, I'm gonna go eat some potatoes and chicken with Teo! BAI.

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