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Bits of advice just because

1. April 20 - "We must never measure our spiritual capacity on the basis of our education or our intellect; our capacity in spiritual things is measured on the basis of the promises of God."
I've learned this the hard way. My relationship with God has ups and downs and that's normal. As I reach my highs with Him, I tend to keep the gifts that He gives me in selfish ways. The wisdom, discernment, joy, etc ultimately belong to God even if He continues to bless me. Chambers, from my understanding, is explaining that our education/intellect, worldly or spiritually, shouldn't be and can't turn into self-righteousness. That happens a lot and it's ok. It's natural. I'm guilty of this. So many times I've tried to explain my "wisdom" to others and the more God convicts me, that wisdom starts to sound selfish and self-centered. It's almost like I'm boasting on my behalf for knowing truth rather than boasting on the One who gave me the wisdom.

2. May 5 - "Every element of our self-reliance must be put to death by the power of God."
There are a lot of areas in my life where I want total control. It's as simple as carrying on a conversation and wanting it to go to a specific direction that satisfies me. I'm self-relying on what makes me happy, without realizing that happiness only comes from above. Even when I clean my kitchen, I want everything to be in it's specific area and I want it to be clean all of the time. I'm self-relying on cleanliness and organization, because that's what satisfies me. What about the times when I can't clean? Things get messy, busy, and chaotic, not just in the kitchen. Do I break down and cry? Yeah, I've done that. I do that a lot actually, but the more I do that, God shows me that I must put to death the self-reliance in my life. It doesn't matter if it's kitchen related or not, what I'm trying to get to is that self-reliance can kill the peace God has given you. He wants you to give Him the control.

3. May 12 - "Your god may be your little Christian habit-the habit of prayer or Bible reading at certain times of your day. Watch how your Father will upset your schedule if you begin to worship your habit instead of what the habit symbolizes."
I have a routine everyday, especially as a mom. I wake up with Mateo, make him breakfast, I make myself coffee, he watches Little Einsteins for 30 minutes, I read my Bible, pray, and catch up on social media, all while Kai works and starts his day with emails (ew). This is every morning for us the majority of the time. When I get stuck on trying to make this schedule work, I forget the reason behind it. God wakes me up every morning, He wakes all of us up. There wouldn't be a routine if it wasn't for His mercy and grace. Whenever I can't pray at the time I want to, I get anxiety. Whenever I can't read the Bible or read as much as I can or want to, I get anxiety. I'm depending on the time of day to do my Christian habit. I bet we all tend to forget what that habit symbolizes.

4. May 26 - "The danger we have is that we want to water down what Jesus said to make it mean something that aligns with our common sense."
Let us not put our common sense first before God, who created us to rely only on His ways of truth and life. Common sense is helpful, yes, it's kind of like our navigation in a world of confusion. It helps us understand and make basic and smart decisions everyday, but this brings me back to the whole "self-reliance" thing. There are so many parts of me that want to depend on myself and what I can do for myself, by myself. Our power and energy will never last, just like our common sense will never last. Whatever Jesus speaks to us, let it be the way it is. We can't shape it into something we want to make it look like, that's where we have trouble.

5. July 27 - "We disobey and then wonder why we are not growing spiritually."
Disobedience is human nature. It's very common. As we disobey, God will remain where we left Him, always welcoming us back with a big party and celebration. It's that simple and yes, He's that loving.

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