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Weeks with my boys

Now that the holidays are over (thank God, too stressful), January has been a relaxing month for my little family. Kai had weeks off of work and it was nice for Mateo, him, and I to take it easy day by day. We did a lot of eating, napping, staying in, and hanging out with our friends. Kai's tour started on Thursday and his first show was here in Seattle. Thanks to Kai's aunt Christie for watching our sweet boy, so we could go out and have some time together with our friends. Kai did so good! Like always, and I know everyone will enjoy his shows. Right now, he's in Vancouver. He'll have a three day break at home and he's off for another five days touring the west coast. After that, we're flying to MI to be with our families. I miss Kai while he's gone, but it's really nice to have Mateo all to myself. All the cuddles and baby wearing don't get old. My two boba wraps are still going strong! The solly baby wrap as well. I'm so ready to see my sisters!!! I've missed them too much. My parents too of course. Oh, and my nephew. It's crazy to finally understand a mother's love and to be honest, I'll be a little more patient with my nephew now that I have a baby boy of my own. Shout out to all the moms who do this everyday. It's hard work, but it's beautiful.

Now that I'm getting the hang of things and completely pushed aside my perfectionism and anxiety with God's never-ending help, I'm enjoying my time more. As a mom, wife, and just being a normal human. I bought lots of goods for our trip to MI! For Mateo and I. :) I've been into BabyGap since they have sales quite often. I don't know if it's like a thing right now, but I've seen a lot of cute Disney clothes for babies. I bought Mateo a Mickey Mouse hat (so cute when he wears it) and a couple of pluto/mickey onesies from H&M. I love neutral clothes for my boy. I also bought him a sleeping gown. I don't know why I didn't think about those for night time. They're easy to put on and easy for diaper changes.

My friend Astaire and I went thrifting about two weeks ago and she's OG to the thrift game. She found Mateo a really nice Nike bodysuit for the fall/winter. His daddy bought him Adidas too, but those are for when he's a little older. To be honest, Mateo's shoe game is better than me and Kai's combined. Lately he's been rocking his New Balance 574 Classics. I hope he doesn't grow out of them soon. They look so nice when he wears them. He gets lots of compliments too! For MI, I bought a couple of shirts, pants, and shoes for myself.

I really liked the Rihanna platform shoes that she came out with, but since those are a little too expensive, I got the same kind, but without her name/mark. For $100, which isn't bad. Kai bought us both the Adidas Ultra Boosts and those are always extremely cozy. All this talk about shoes is too much, I know, but since my husband loves shoes more than usual, I like when he buys us both the same shoes. We match! I'll take the Pumas, ultra boosts, and the gazelles to MI. Put those on a rotation.

I really like over sized t shirts right now, so I bought a mens Guess shirt along with Adidas leggings that are currently sold out on UO, but I'm sure there are on Adidas' original website. On ASOS, (I always end up on ASOS, the website is easy to navigate, so why not?) I bought a Lee logo boyfriend t shirt, a Le Coq Sportif t shirt, and a pair of washed tapered peg pants. What's nice about ASOS is that their US sizes come a little bigger than usual since they're an english website, so it's nice to have that extra room. I haven't been on Zara in a long time. I usually look for baby boy stuff on there. I'm trying to be good and not buy things I don't need, so I think I did a good job. I cleared out my closet too. Kai and I donated a lot of clothes that we don't wear anymore. Shoes and hats too. I can't believe I had that many winter hats. What's the point. Actually, I lived in Michigan, which gets really cold so that's my point. Seattle winters are very breezy though, so I didn't want to hold onto things I didn't need. I don't think there's anything else that's been going on. Just a whole lot of chillin'. Oh, I bought this really cool poster with one of my favorite quotes on it. Have a blessed start of the new year!

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