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To my husband

I know our first year anniversary as a married couple was three days ago (07/11), but I still want to do an appreciation post for you on my blog. You're on your way to Europe right now and I'm relaxing at home eating chocolate cheerios watching real housewives on tv (thank you for supporting the shows I watch by the way). What I remember most about our early years of dating was how quickly we connected. I remember showing you one of my favorite songs by Jesus Culture and it was a twelve minute video. You watched the whole thing with me. I was surprised to be honest. I didn't want to freak you out about how much I loved Jesus music, but maybe that's why you watched the whole video. After that, you played the piano for about an hour or so and I just sat there, wondering why you were so easily distracted because we were in the middle of watching a movie.

Back to us being easily connected. I shared a lot of my past with you, my ups and downs, and you still saw me as your future wife. I shared with you my relationship with God and how I felt like I was called at such a young age to make a change in my life and whoever else I meet because of God's love and grace. I invited you to church and you came with me every Sunday. You appreciated how annoying I was when I played so much christian music and you showed me a lot of gospel music I never heard of. You also shared with me your music. You creativity and the talent God gave you. You named most of your beats after me, which was cute. I'm not sure if that was to impress me or if that was just because you were inspired by our love. Hopefully both! :)

We had many, many difficult times. Some that effected our relationship intensely, but we got through it because we wanted to. We wanted to keep moving forward together. I wasn't scared to see my life without you, but I was scared that I wouldn't experience life the same without you. The crazy thing is, you weren't the man I thought I was going to marry. I had a whole list of what I wanted for a husband. I prayed for it every night, but at some point in my life, I remember God saying to me, "follow the list or follow what I have for you." He lead me to you and I'm grateful for that.

All that we have right now is a huge blessing and what's coming soon. I'm happy for our beautiful home. I'm happy that you support my Postmates obsession. Thank you for walking around IKEA with me for hours on end. Thank you for waking up in the middle of the night when I'm super thirsty and I need cold water quick! I know I should get up myself, but that's why I'm married to you because you take good care of me.

I wish we could relive our wedding day. It was beautiful and I was really nervous, but excited. I couldn't hold back the tears when I read my vows and you winged yours. You did really good too. I was impressed.

Thank you for your love and thank you for loving God.

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