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I promise I'll update my blog with an advice post soon. I try my best to do it every Monday, but I felt like it was getting a little too repetitive and I don't like forcing myself to do something I generally enjoy. I don't like forcing posts on my blog. Especially advice blogs. It's nice to know that there are a lot of people who visit my blog to read my advice posts. I get tons of sweet messages on Instagram from followers who tell me that my advice posts are helping them a lot and that it keeps them focused through a rough patch that they're going through. That's why I write my advice posts! For you guys. For anyone who likes reading positivity. For anyone who needs to be reminded of what life is about. Sometimes I hesitate to write a specific bit of advice because I tend to make certain bits spiritually or what connects me to God and I don't want people to run away from the words that might seem too "religious." If that makes any sense? I hope it does, but I also don't want that to hold me back from being who I am. I have a strong relationship with God and I'd like people to know about it, so I hope it helps with your relationship with God too!

Right now, I'm in Michigan. Back to my hometown, Grand Rapids. How do I feel about it? I don't know, but I just know it's nice to see my family again. I haven't seen them since my birthday. It's also nice to see Kai's family too. They were actually just in Seattle visiting us, so it's been a busy month so far. To be honest, I don't like summer as much as I used to, but I like the family activities during summer. Kai and I are here for another week, so it's gonna be nice! I'm surprised I adjusted to the time change so quickly. Last time we were here during Thanksgiving, we were all kinds of messed up. Going to bed at 5am, waking up at 3pm. I hated it. This time, we're good.

Right after we come back from Michigan, Kai's gonna be in New York for a festival (which reminds me, I have to update his page I have on my blog. I'm really bad at that) and then he's flying to Europe for a few days for another couple of festivals. He had all of June off, so it was nice having him home, but I'm glad he gets to go back to work. I like having the apartment to myself sometimes. :) 

There's one huge detail I'm missing out on, but I won't say until I'm ready! I don't think I'll ever be ready, lol. My family gets mad at me sometimes for being so private and secretive. That's just the way I live. I 100% believe that life should be lived outside of social media. Many people have interconnected reality and social media to the point where they forget how to enjoy experiences without having to post about it. I feel like I already mentioned this, but whatever. 

I'll try my best to post pics of my vacation here in Michigan! Our family cat Gordo is getting shaved, so he'll look like a lion, sooo that means I'll definitely post pictures.



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