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Bits of advice just because

  1. Stop trying to follow every trend that's out there. You'll get overwhelmed. It's not healthy. 
  2. You have a lot of love to give, just give it to the right people and everything in moderation. 
  3. You will survive. You will always survive. Know your worth and what you're capable of. 
  4. Someone else's accomplishments should push you to complete your goals or make better ones. Just don't be intimidated. Everyone has different paths. 
  5. Just like everything else, love takes time. Do not rush love. 
  6. You don't have to be faster than anybody else.  
  7. Do not let anyone corrupt you. Stand by your morals and values.  
  8. Connect with others with eye contact. 
  9. Don't overthink all of your moves to the point where you don't make any at all. 
  10. Light a fire to guide you. 
  11. If I could explain love in one word, it would have to be trust. 
  12. You're going to come across people in your life that will say the right words at the wrong time.
  13. How many times do we have to forgive someone just because we are too scared to lose them? 
  14. Just live the days as they come, but don't be afraid to talk about the future.
  15. If it's hard to pick right from wrong, then you're following solely with your heart and not with your head. 

Lincoln Park & a new beginning

Bits of advice just because