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Bits of advice just because

  1. Don't force yourself to do anything.
  2. Lack of respect shows jealousy and insecurity.
  3. People's intensions are either good or bad. Never in between.
  4. Protect your family and your relationships. Don't let anything get in the way.
  5. It's best to solve minor problems with a nap.
  6. You'll understand your mother's worries once you become a parent yourself.
  7. If you need to, distance yourself from your friends.
  8. Believe in something.
  9. Make it a collaboration. Make it about teamwork.
  10. Bad people may want to make you a bad person.
  11. If it's hard for you to apologize, then your pride is bigger than you think.
  12. Don't try to solve big problems in the middle of the night.
  13. Talk wisely and talk when it's your turn.
  14. Don't bother people and mind your own business.
  15. You may hate criticism and honesty, but everyone needs it.

Bits of advice just because

Lacking, sorry