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3 days til Christmas & Advent Calendars

It's already been a month since I last posted? Time goes by way too quick now a days while taking care of Teo. He turned three months last Saturday. It's crazy how big he's getting. I know that's probably getting super annoying because I keep saying that on here and to whoever asks how old Mateo is, but it's true. It's hard to explain his progress because it's easier to see him smile and talk to strangers! Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, everything that everyone's been waiting for is gone now. Why do the holidays around this time of year go by super fast? Or is that just me? We all wait and anticipate for Christmas to come and it's already three days away. I was good this year and sent off my family's presents right on time and wrapped them. I'm impressed with myself and also impressed that Mateo is giving me some me-time during his two hour naps. Did anyone else buy their presents on Amazon? I didn't know Amazon had such good deals during cyber week. To be honest, I've always been intimidated by Amazon for quite awhile, but I finally accepted it into my life and I don't know if that was a good decision or not. Too tempting! Why am I buying Mateo toys at two in the morning? He already has too many. It's hard to walk around his room right now from all of the laundry and toys lying around.

Our apartment looks really festive, but it's sad I have to put most of the decorations away. It was heartbreaking putting away Thanksgiving decorations!!! Michael's had more Thanksgiving decorations than Christmas decorations. I wasn't impressed with their Christmas decorations. It all looked kind of tacky. Speaking of decorations, I decided to make my own advent calendar this year, with polaroid pictures! A couple of months ago, I bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera for half off at Best Buy. I also bought a cute little case for it too. It matches! The film was pretty cheap, so I bought quite a few packs. It was a little hard to keep up everyday with a picture, but I enjoyed it and knowing that I'm able to look back at all the cute picture moments I took of Mateo, Kai, and I makes me happy. I can't wait for Teo to see when he's older! I also bought a Godiva advent calendar. Chocolate is always good around this time of year and each day had a different type of chocolate filling. Have Kai and I caught up with that advent calendar? No. Because we have a huge bowl of starbursts on the dining table. Oh well.

I love counting down to Christmas and I'm so blessed to have my baby boy and my husband by my side through the holidays and whatever the holidays bring. We're gonna be getting ready for a trip next February + Kai will be touring for most of early next year, so he'll be busy while I'll be at home with Teo. Oh yeah, a couple of weeks ago, Kai had to leave for work for a weekend. While he was gone, I got sick. Worst timing ever. I was downing so much ginger tea hoping Mateo wouldn't catch the cold I had and he didn't! He's such a happy baby. He slept well while Kai was gone which was also a bonus and he's sleeping well these past few days too. I think the longest he's slept was for eight hours straight! And he's talking so much now. He smiles a lot when he wakes up in the morning and as tired as Kai and I are, that's what keeps us happy and feeling so grateful. God is teaching me daily about motherhood, marriage, family, and community and I've been feeling His love and mercy.

Merry Christmas

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