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2 month Mateo / Motherhood so far

I can't believe it's been two months already. People keep telling me that time flies by when you have a baby. It's true and he's not even that big yet. Mateo is growing beautifully and smiling/laughing so much. I'll post a couple of pictures of Teo a little later in this post. :)

I just got done putting up our Christmas tree. I know it's a little early, but that's the point. I couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving and I wanted to put the tree up with Mateo... aka I'm wearing him while he's sleeping and I'm basically just talking to myself, but I'm sure he's listening. The only reason why we got our tree so early was because Target had most of them on sale (yes, we bought a fake tree, it's easier to clean up ok?). Why must we always walk out of Target with stuff we didn't intend on buying? All Kai and I wanted was to buy juice and milk. That's it. We came out with a tree, wreath, and lights. I think Christmas mugs too? I don't know. You know what else is deadly to walk into?! Michael's! Why do they always have cute holiday decorations on sale? I'm talking about 45% off sales. And all those cute craft supplies! That's one thing I'm most excited to do with Mateo: crafts. I used to be obsessed with crafts when I was little and to be honest, I hope he is too.

These past two months have been challenging and that's a warning all the moms I knew gave me. They told me the first couple of weeks would be the roughest because of the constant nursing and losing so much sleep. If anyone knows me, I love my sleep and I love naps, but it's all about sacrifice. ;) As challenging as each week gets, the more I love Mateo. He's so big now! I can't believe it. He had his two month check up on Saturday and took his shots like a champ. A couple of tears and a few screams, but nothing too major. I had it all planned out too. I wanted to make sure he would be hungry and sleepy after his shots, so I fed him and he fell immediately into sleep. After that, we went to Target; hence the early purchase of a Christmas tree.

My favorite thing about Mateo right now is how much he's talking and how well he's able to hold his head up. My mother told me how important it is to talk to your baby as much as you can so they can get used to the sound of your voice and be able to talk sooner. He's really observant too. That's what his doctor said as well. He'll stare at something for a really long time and move his eyebrows up and down, looking very curious.

Oh! I forgot to mention the books that I bought about a month ago that helped me understand Mateo's growth and development. "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Harvey Karp. Wow. This book changed my entire outlook on life. Yes, life. Not just pregnancy, motherhood, parenting. Even if you're not pregnant or expecting any time soon, please read this book. It makes so much sense and I started to feel a little less frustrated with myself because I couldn't figure out why Mateo would randomly scream at the same time each day. I've considered and heard about colic (the witching hour), but the book talks about the importance of skin-to-skin contact with baby and mother, so I bought a couple of baby wraps and started wearing him throughout the day. This is life changing, you guys. First off, I'm so into wearing him as much as I can and second, his colic almost completely went away. The majority of the book, Karp explains the 5 S's and the history of baby wearing. How is it that in other countries, mothers wear their babies 24/7, offering their breast over a hundred times a day, and colic is nonexistent? I could go on and on about the importance of baby wearing, but I won't. Just know that it's all I ever think about and it helps my Teo relax so much easier and faster.

This part of the book! Wow. Shouts to Karp.

This part of the book! Wow. Shouts to Karp.

Another book I bought, "The Wonder Weeks" by Frans X Plooij. I haven't fully dug into this book, but I have read a couple of chapters. It basically goes through each week of a baby's growth and what to experience during that week. It shows their growth spurts and how they'll behave at certain times during the day. Now I'm not saying I'm fully dependent on these books, but anything helps. I cannot and will not be ignorant when it comes to motherhood. Every mother is different on how we raise our children and I was blessed to be raised by my wonderful mother. I'm learning Mateo's personality everyday and what he's into, what he's not. I know that he likes to talk a lot, he doesn't like to watch the baby channel just yet, he likes to be extremely comfortable before he starts to feed, he doesn't like the darkness, he needs just enough light to fall asleep... Yeah, that's just a little bit of him. :)

The final book I bought, "Why Babywearing Matters" by Rosie Knowles. Thank God for Amazon because I was able to purchase this book without it being released yet in bookstores. I think I read the first few pages, but I'm planning on catching up whenever Mateo is down for a nap (or should I say up for a nap? Because I'm wearing him, so he's sorta up but not... Never mind). This book goes into extreme detail of babywearing. Like, this author did a throwback to the days of cavemen. That's how far they are saying babywearing goes back. How cute is that? I can't say it enough, wearing Mateo has helped me so much emotionally and mentally. Physically too because he's getting heavier, so I'm losing more calories. ;)

What else can I say about these past two months of being a mom? I don't know... It's a new day everyday. Not everyday is the same. That is something I've had to overcome because I like my schedules, discipline, sleep, and I'm a perfectionist. Having a baby will make you throw away your schedule (sorta) and let you go with the flow of things. It's helpful and it's challenging. It's always challenging. And as corny as this sounds, I'm inspired by these insta moms who have over 100k followers talking about their bad days and their good days with their babies, who continue to live life even if life sometimes doesn't feel so great. I also bought some shirts from a insta shop too so I can be an official #instamom. 

The rest of this post will consist of baby goods that I've bought, including Mateo's stroller/car seat, bouncer, swing, bassinet, anything that I can think of, and random pictures of Teo, his daddy, and I. Come to think of it, I have too much baby stuff and we're going to need more space (Kai, if you're reading this, let's go buy a house please).

Nuna MIXX stroller & PIPA car seat

Guava Family Lotus bassinet kit + travel crib

Ergobaby 360 4 position carrier

My friend Amy gifted us the Fisher-Price Comfy Cloud cradle n' swing. One of the best things that has happened to Mateo! I say that because if I'm ever too tired of wearing him, I put him in it and he's easily entertained by the vibrations, music, and white noise that the swing comes with. It may be a little bulky, but I don't mind. It works 100%.

Last but not least... baby wraps! I bought two boba wraps and one solly baby wrap. I'm still getting the hang of the solly wrap. I'm not used to such thin material and it's not as stretchy as the boba wrap. I like wearing the boba wrap because there's always extra material left after wrapping it on and it's extremely stretchy, thick enough to keep Mateo warm while we're out. 

I think that's all I have to share for now. Oh yeah, we're thinking of doing Christmas cards this year. I'm not sure if the better look for a card is the three of us together or just Mateo on the card. I like the simplicity of just him, so I think I'll do that. Also, either Friday or Saturday morning, I'm going to Michael's for CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. I'M SO EXCITED, I'M INTERNALLY SCREAMING BECAUSE MATEO IS SLEEPING RIGHT NOW, BUT IF HE WASN'T, I WOULD BE YELLING/YODELING. Anyway, here's a few pics of my cute little fam. Excuse my tired mommy eyes and the quality of these pics. I wanna use Kai's Sony camera, but it's too complex for me, so iPhone it is. :)

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