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Bits of advice just because

  1. Your materialistic things do not define you and if they do, you took a wrong turn in life.
  2. The fear of change is actually a lot worse than the actual change.
  3. Keep flowers in your house. They'll remind you of growth, beauty, and health.
  4. A cry for help doesn't always sound the same. People will show it differently and when you least expect it.
  5. Don't ask questions you don't want answers to. You're just being curious without a purpose.
  6. Love properly and wholeheartedly. Love is serious and it's not a toy. 
  7. Grocery shopping should be one of the life's greatest joys and privileges.
  8. Starting to do something is the hardest part of doing something.
  9. Ironically, your weaknesses are stronger than you think. They feed off of doubt and fear.
  10. If you're claiming to be something, talk about it at the appropriate time.
  11. Once you say something, it is out of your control. Hold your tongue and think things through.
  12. Be careful about the company you keep. Some may come and go whenever they please and you might not notice it.
  13. Don't forget about the people who helped you at your worst.
  14. If you decide to begin, begin right away. Don't wait for a new year or a new season.
  15. People will gossip about things they are interested in. They're interested and they will say they aren't.

What I've learned in 2015
For myself, to myself

  1. The meaning of friendship doesn't mean anything to a lot of people. I numbed myself from it for awhile and now I'm slowly breaking my walls down. I'm better now, because I'm finally surrounding myself with people who encourage and inspire me. Thank you, to the person who threw it all away for temporary change and emotions. You taught me; and I learned from our corrupt friendship.
  2. I learned how to love my husband better when I started to love God first. No man, no woman, no child will ever compare to the Love God has for us. We cannot find happiness in anyone or anything without His love.
  3. Parents aren't always going to be right. They'll want the best for you, but they still see you as their baby. Make your own decisions while still keeping your parents' wisdom in mind.
  4. My sisters are my best friends. My bond with them is unbreakable. Nothing is sweeter than my sister Abi's heart. Nothing is more courageous than my sister Eunice's spirit.
  5. Prayer works and it might take years. I remember praying for a life, that I am now living. I'm happier than I've ever been. -- "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us." - Romans 8:18
  6. Solitude is beautiful. Solitude is important. It helped renew my soul, spirit, and mind at a young age while searching for God's light and holiness. I was 15 when I realized the significance of solitude. Now I'm 22, wondering why people are so afraid of it.
  7. Art will always have a special place in my heart. I was scared of it and pushed it away from myself 6 years ago because of my own disbelief. Now, I'm living in a place where creation and art is accepted. I'm accepting it too. I just bought a small canvas and a few watercolors. I'm getting there. Small steps.

Thank you to my husband Kai, for showing me the meaning of patience. We're in this together.

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