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Bits of advice just because

  1. Don't use your own insecurities against other people. 
  2. Talk about it when you're hurt. You need to express it as much as you can and then you can move on. That doesn't make you weak either.
  3. Sometimes being around your friends too much can create problems you thought would never occur.
  4. Call your mom. Talk to your dad. They raised you and helped you get where you are now.
  5. Keep your relationship private. No one needs to know what goes on. It's better that way.
  6. Be friends with people who really live out humbleness and give it in return.
  7. Spirituality is very important in life. Take a good look at your soul and fix what you need to.
  8. Fear is a dangerous thing. It keeps you in your comfort zone and builds the walls higher.
  9. Learn to say no without explaining yourself.
  10. Your problems should not get in the way of what you believe in. Have faith through the ups and especially the downs.
  11. Privileges are often taken for granted. Don't overlook what you easily have in front of you.
  12. Give your body the attention it deserves. Take good care of it.
  13. It'll be time to make grown up decisions sooner than you think. Don't miss out on growing up.
  14. Don't be interested in competing with other people. 
  15. Be the queen/king you were born to be.

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Bits of advice just because