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Bits of advice just because

  1. We worry about things that might not ever happen.
  2. Be careful who you compare yourself to. You wouldn't want a jealous heart and an angry mind from avoidable comparison.
  3. No amount of money can cure an unhappy life.
  4. Stop disappointing yourself. If you want to change, you can. If you want to change a lot, it takes time. Be patient with yourself, but don't give up.
  5. A clean space is a clean mind. A clean body is a clean spirit.
  6. Ignoring the truth does not change the truth. Don't avoid it. It will hit you harder the longer you wait to face it.
  7. Accept the fact that not everyone will like you. Getting mad about that shows how much you depend on people's attention and approval.
  8. Turn off your social medias if it's necessary for your personal growth. Just don't announce it. No one needs to know. No one needs an explanation. It's personal, remember?
  9. Find balance between reality and your dreams.
  10. Be welcoming in any situation. It'll help you grow your comfort zone and people will remember your consideration.
  11. Stop running back to the people you're trying to leave behind.
  12. Some mistakes last longer than others. They're called grudges and they're dangerous. Accept forgiveness from others and from yourself.
  13. If you keep making longterm decisions based on temporary feelings, your life will depend on your unstable emotions.
  14. Ladies: Just because one man shows you love and affection doesn't mean he'll be the only one. Pick your significant other wisely and effectively.
  15. Keep your enemies close. They might come in handy one day. 


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