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Kai's mom is here visiting for a week! It's been fun these past few days. Kai and I have been shopping at IKEA, mainly buying a bed frame that we really needed, a couple of throw pillows, a mirror, and plants to give our apartment more life. The IKEA here in Seattle is huge and they're actually adding more to the warehouse, so I can't wait to see what else they have in store. No pun intended (amazing).

Yesterday, we went to one of my favorite local shops in Columbia City. I spotted a coffee and tea themed calendar and a 2016 planner that were both kind of pricey. One of the ladies working there told me they were both 40% off and I've felt so happy because if anyone wants to make me happy or giddy, buy me calendars, planners, pencils, pens, organizers, anything stationery! It completes my life. I'm still waiting on my composer calendar, since it's coming all the way from Turkey, so we'll see! If I could have a calendar in every room in our apartment, I would. Kai would not approve.

Spending time with Janaia and Asia is one of my favorite things in the world. Asia is also obsessed with Legos, so we all took a trip to the mall to visit the Lego store. I was planning on buying a Star Wars Lego set, but I saw a WALL-E set that I HAD to buy. I'm a Pixar fan forever and always. WALL-E is seriously the cutest and sweetest thing ever. I remember I kept saying "awwww" when I was watching the movie for the first time. He's so innocent and nice! Protect him! :') Asia and I stayed up until 2am building it and it took us three hours. The neck part was a struggle and we kept taking breaks.

Kai, his mom, and I went to Seward Park, my favorite park! The breeze felt nice and the sun was out. Random fact: the ducks, crows, and seagulls were after two little girls who kept feeding them bread and tortilla chips. I was enjoying the sunlight because Seattle is always cloudy and rainy, so it was soothing and much needed. Kai will be in Brazil next week for a week with Joe and I'm gonna miss him and I'll be with Carmen, eating, watching Netflix, and going on walks. Not with Carmen though. She would freak out. I love weekends and random sunny days.

Bits of advice just because

Bits of advice just because