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New Camera

I was waiting for this camera to come in the mail since Monday night when I ordered it. The delivery date on the camera was Thursday, September 3rd, at the end of the day. At the end of the day? What does that even mean? I Googled it and still wasn't satisfied with the answer on UPS' FAQ page. I knew it had to be sometime before 6pm so I rushed to my apartment's leasing office around 5:50. I ran into my apartment manager right on time (thank God) and asked her if she could give me my package before she closed the office. I went back to my apartment excited to open the box and once I saw my camera inside, I squealed. I squeal a lot. It scared Kai. Of course it did. I've wanted a camera for a long time (years, actually). Now that I pushed myself to buy one, with Kai's help, I bought the Canon Powershot G16. I've read excellent reviews on it and made sure it had every aspect that I wanted. I remember I wanted those big, chunky Nikon cameras that every girl from my high school had, but honestly, I didn't want to buy a camera without knowing how to use it correctly. I wanted something that I could fit in my purse. Nothing too professional or expensive. Something that I was comfortable holding and enjoyed using daily. My biggest inspiration for buying this camera is my nephew, Antonio. All of my family knows how many pictures and videos I have of him. I loved editing the pictures I took of him and I would sometimes tickle him on purpose just to take a picture of his laughter. Those are my special moments with that little boy. My other inspiration for buying this camera was my cat from back home, Gordo (I call him Gordi now, not sure why). That fat cat is rude, lovable, annoying, and majestic all in one. As much as he slept everyday, the pictures I have of him remind me of peaceful naps we all need sometimes. It'll take me a little while to get used to the camera and it took me about thirty minutes to set up the wifi on it. Kai will be in Croatia for work during the weekend, so I'll be experimenting with the camera, celebrating Sabbath by myself, and enjoying some pho from downstairs.

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