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Detroit, MI

Kai and I were back in Michigan this past weekend! He performed, along with Joe Kay and Atu, at Populux located in downtown Detroit. I haven't seen Joe since SXSW 2014, so it was really nice seeing him doing well and killing it on stage! Atu as well! I got the chance to see my family, which was nice. My nephew played around with my camera and I felt complete after I took some pictures of him. I needed that moment with him. He smiled and made funny faces! He usually doesn't like taking pictures, but he's growing up, so he's starting to like the attention. I would too. I told Kai I want to come to all of the shows that he has close to Michigan so our families are able to see us more. Next time I'll be in the Midwest will be in Chicago in November! (insert Chicago song by Sufjan Stevens).

I felt a little nervous leaving Carmen behind because we just adopted her a week before this trip, so I asked Kai's little cousin Asia to watch her and she said yes. She sent me pictures of Carmen and asked me if her running around super fast with her ears back was normal. I said yes because she's spoiled! I gave her seven tuna snacks before I left and she's supposed to only have two a day, but I was leaving her and I felt bad, so why not? ;) I gotta take her to the vet soon for a check up after adopting her from Kitty Harbor. She enjoyed sleeping on the couch while we were gone because she left some evidence behind (hair obviously). 

A lot of people from Grand Rapids came out to see Kai, Joe, and Atu perform. It was good to see some friends and catching up with them! It was a Soulection night, so people were really excited to see the guys perform. The venue wasn't so hot inside and I liked the design they had going on + the lights during the performances. The flight going to Detroit was around 3 hours and 40 minutes long, but it didn't seem too long because I fell asleep listening to Sufjan (what's new?). The flight going back home, however, was 4 hours and 30 minutes long and it felt like forever. I watched Pitch Perfect 2 and some of The Hobbit on those $10 iPads they offer on the plane. $10 isn't so bad and the girl I was sitting by convinced me to watch some movies because she was too, so why not? 

It was great seeing my family. It was nice seeing Michigan again after a month of officially living in Seattle, but it felt amazing coming back home to my new city. Riding the lite rail from the airport straight to our apartment was quick and easy. Ordering pizza was all Kai and I talked about on the way back home from the airport. I actually ordered chicken wings because mother taught me well and Kai pretty much ate the whole pizza. Kai's got a festival performance coming up this Wednesday where I get to see Kai and Joe perform again along with other guys I enjoy seeing! Can't wait to see them.


Carmen Sandiego