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Carmen Sandiego

We adopted a cat and her name is Carmen! Carmen Sandiego, that is. She's a year old, such a sweetie, and extremely kind and gentle. Since I'm a thousand miles away from Gordo and Titi (cats that I grew up with), I wanted to adopt a cat. I always enjoyed having the presence of a cat around me. They mind their own business, don't bother you, and they're peaceful. At first, I wanted to adopt a puppy. I looked on Craigslist, local humane societies, but there was no luck. Most of the ads on Craigslist were scams! I'm not surprised, but it's frustrating to see ads that were selling "puppies" for over $500 with made up stories or people selling sick dogs to others without notifying them. They made up their breed, their past, their vaccination records, and that was disturbing to read. Kai really wanted to have a puppy, but I thought it would be better for us to adopt a puppy once we bought an actual house with a backyard.

Once I convinced him that adopting a cat was a good idea (he admitted he missed Titi and Gordo), we went to a private cat adoption shelter called Kitty Harbor in West Seattle. I looked at their website and made sure what we needed before we went to the shelter. It sounded like a strict place because they required an application filled out before you came to the shelter, history with pets, and questions about how we would take care of a cat. I also read reviews on Yelp and there was a lot of mixed feelings with Kitty Harbor. People were saying that the owner was psychotic, intolerable, and disrespectful. Others were saying that Kitty Harbor is strict because they're not going to give out cats just because someone randomly feels like adopting. Once you walk in, you're stating that you're going to adopt a cat that same day. I was honestly scared to even go, but as usual, Kai calmed me down and we went Saturday morning.

There was a line outside the door when we got there around 11:45am. I had a certain cat in mind because Kitty Harbor's website showed pictures of all of the cats and kittens that were up for adoption. I wanted a male cat that was either orange or gray. Once the Kitty Harbor volunteers let everyone in, people were running to the cat they saw and fell in love with. Kitty Harbor has a rule that you cannot adopt a kitten that is younger than nine months old only because it's better for two kittens to be raised together for social and psychological reasons. They actually have an article about this on their website and it made sense after I read it. Most of the kittens were adopted pretty quick! I looked and there wasn't any gray or orange male cats, but there were a lot of other cats that were precious, cuddly, and very social! After looking around for a little while, I saw Carmen in her cage sleeping. They told Kai and I that she was previously pregnant and homeless. I was skeptical knowing that she was homeless because I thought she would've been aggressive towards me and Kai. She wasn't at all! Obviously, she was scared coming into our home, but she's eased up these past few days and she loves her tuna treats. She's a white and black cat with spots. What a cutie. Just look at her!

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