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Seattle Mariners

Kai and I had the pleasure to go to a Seattle Mariners baseball game! The baseball stadium is only a lite rail ride away (ten minutes), so it was easy for us to get there. Kai decided to get two huge hot dogs full of I don't know what and I got my usual mustard and onions hot dog. I hate ketchup and I know people freak out when I say that, but I do. I barely like it on my fries. The game started around seven and the weather was perfect! I was really picky on where I wanted us to sit at the game, but we could've honestly sat anywhere because you can see everything from any seat. The Mariners won 6-0 against the Texas Rangers and it was my first time seeing a home run, two home runs actually. I can't wait to take my dad to a game when he comes to visit. I usually don't like watching a baseball game, but the fact that it was easy for us to see the actual runs and plays made it all more enjoyable. 


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