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Relocating from Michigan, our move to Seattle has to be one of the best decisions I've made. It's beautiful and it's everything Kai said it'd be. I trusted him and I trusted in God to make our move as smooth as possible. At first, we were both exhausted moving everything inside the apartment and trying to adjust to the time difference. Since Kai has been traveling to Europe for work, it was harder for him catching up on sleep. I remember one night he slept from 6pm to 10am... He needed the sleep, trust me. Besides the exhaustion we had due to the time difference and frustration of not getting our wifi to work for the first week (we were desperate), I can definitely say Seattle was the perfect move for us. It'll be easier for Kai because of the bigger international airport that's here compared to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Two weekends ago, he flew straight to Europe. I was so happy, I squealed. He looked at me funny, but that's okay. We've been walking all around the city, eating too much pho, and enjoying Lake Washington. I love seeing people swim in the lake like it's something that they do every day, a work out or just to cool off. It's new to me, so I get excited and I try to join them, but I never remember to put on my bathing suit. We've only been here for two weeks and there's still a lot we have to see. Everyday I wake up to see Mt. Rainier from our balcony and it's calling my name. Living on the sixth floor obviously has its privileges.

I thank God everyday for bringing Kai and I to Washington. It's a blessing and I honestly can't thank Him enough. 

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