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Bits of advice just because

  1. Don't give advice to people who will throw it away.
  2. Discipline and obedience should be important to you.
  3. Succeed in the shadows. Come out when you're ready.
  4. The more you talk, the less you listen.
  5. Don't force relationships/friendships. Let them be.
  6. Look forward to something everyday. Get excited.
  7. If you have bad habits, change them. Especially if they're worsening.
  8. Be on time! Be early if you can. It's respectful and punctual.
  9. If you keep talking about how wise you are, you probably aren't.
  10. Women: don't hate on each other's success. DON'T.
  11. Your 20s don't last forever and time doesn't stop for anyone.
  12. Believe in conflict and stop avoiding it. It's bound to happen.
  13. Let go of the people that have hurt you. Bitterness and grudges are poison.
  14. Don't make decisions when you're angry.
  15. Don't make promises you're happy.

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