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Bits of advice just because

  1. Pay attention to what's around you. You should be involved and participating, whether it'd be in conversation or not.
  2. Use common sense to make better choices. Common sense is basic, but important.
  3. Learn new ways to stay healthy; emotionally, physically, mentally, psychologically healthy.
  4. Stop pretending that your small bad habits will remain small. They'll grow overnight. They'll grow when you're not looking.
  5. If you can do something now, do it now. The more you stall, the less likely it'll ever get done.
  6. Don't get upset when people talk about God.
  7. Awkwardness isn't bad. It's never been bad, and I don't know why that concept is still around.
  8. Write down what you are grateful for. Read it every morning. Read it before bed.
  9. Don't make longterm decisions based on temporary feelings. Your feelings will come and go before you know it.
  10. Don't be a slave to your past. It won't do anything, but upset and worry you.
  11. If you realize you're thinking too much, you need to start spending your time valuably.
  12. Waking up early is more important than you think. Don't make your day shorter by waking up late.
  13. Control your passion or it will control you. You'll forget about reality and the basic goals you need to do everyday for yourself.
  14. If you want to grow, look at things differently. See the beauty in everything.
  15. Dealing with difficulties prepares you. You might not know for what, but time will tell.

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