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Bits of advice just because

  1. Give without expecting something back, especially during the holidays.
  2. Do not blame people for your mistakes, even if they were involved.
  3. Stop trying to figure people out. They don't know themselves either.
  4. Loving your body also means taking care of it. Everything in moderation.
  5. There's a difference between sleep and slumber, spiritually speaking of course.
    (Matthew 24:43-44)
  6. There's no reason to announce everything that's going on in your life to the world.
  7. You need people around you that will give you constructive criticism.
  8. Life moves on. Time does not stop for you. It never will and you need to grow up.
  9. Just because it worked for someone doesn't mean it'll work for you.
  10. Be realistic about the decisions in your life. Nothing's worse than reaching for nothing.
  11. While you're trying to figure out what to do, work. Work and keep at it.
  12. It's not that hard to say no. What's holding you back is your own tongue.
  13. If you aren't where you want to be, then you've spent too much time thinking about where you need to be.
  14. Your heart and your emotions will trick you. Reassure them that they aren't in charge.
    (1 John 3:20)
  15. If you have a chance to raise your voice. Take it. It'll surprise you and encourage you.

Merry Christmas Eve