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I've never been the type of girl who bought a lot of makeup or wear a lot of makeup for that matter. I mainly used to have mascara, eye concealer, and bronzer. Nothing else. That changed when I started watching Nicole Guerriero on YouTube. I loved how much fun she had while she did her makeup and she didn't make it such a big deal like the other YouTubers did. I think she's one of my favorite beauty vloggers so far. I wanted to have a collection of makeup that I loved and was interested in using. Obviously not as big as Nicole's collection, but I wanted to learn more about makeup and practice with what I could afford. A few months ago, I spent about an hour on Sephora.com and decided to buy foundation, eye concealer, an eyebrow pencil, a contour kit, eyeshadow palette, a couple of brushes, primer, moisturizer, and beauty blender. I didn't realize how expensive makeup was, but treat yo self. That was seriously my first time buying makeup that was reviewed for its good quality.

After a couple of rounds of practice, I was amazed on how makeup can transform your face. I liked how my eyebrows looked because of the eyebrow pencil. They were more defined and full. I used to just use my mascara and brush my eyebrows to make them darker. My face also looked smoother and equal because of the primer, foundation, and beauty blender. The only thing I didn't like about this process was how long it took! Whenever Kai and I have to run errands or do something that isn't too important, I usually put on a little bit of eye concealer, mascara, and a a thin layer of coconut oil to brighten up my face, but not to the point where it looks too greasy or oily. On our way to LA a few weeks back, I bought a NYX highlighter at the airport. It's the kind that rolls on your face, so it's an easier application if I'm on the run.

There's been a little bit of a hype with Colourpop Cosmetics for awhile now, so I thought why not buy some more makeup (RIP bank account)? Let me tell y'all... Their Ultra Matte Lipglosses are AMAZING. I bought their minikit that comes with five small lipglosses and I tried on Beeper, which I'm wearing in the picture below, and Creeper (weird names, but it's cool) and they are probably my favorite colors. They dry quickly and leave such a beautiful matte look. I don't think I read the instructions on how to take the gloss off because I was struggling. That's a good thing because I hate how easily lipsticks/lipglosses come off after I eat or drink. Does it even come with instructions on how to take the gloss off? Probs not. I used to be a big fan of MAC's lipsticks and lipglosses, but I'm all for Colourpop. The good thing about the minikit is that it gives you a chance to try different colors out without buying an actual regular sized lipgloss and end up hating it. I don't think anyone could hate the lipglosses, but anyway. Anyone and everyone: check out Colourpop.

Bits of advice just because

Bits of advice just because