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2 Weeks until Christmas

Thanksgiving in Michigan was fun, but I was ready to go back home. Kai and I were sort of jet lagged, waking up at 1pm every day and sleeping at 4-5am. I didn't like that, I felt like my days there just flew by, but that's what I was hoping for. I'm so happy that I'll be home for Christmas! Kai has all of December off from work, so I'm hoping we'll be able to go on more walks at Seward Park, visit some local shops, and do anything that we haven't done yet. His grandma keeps telling us to go to the Flying Squirrel, which is a pizza joint not too far from our apartment. I'm surprised we haven't been there yet considering the fact that I've been discovering different restaurants to try out on the Yelp app. I swear I spend most of my days on Yelp. Kai and I already decorated the house and I'm ready for more decorations. My favorite decoration has to be the garland that I put on the couch and all around our balcony door. It makes everything look brighter and happier. I think I'm actually gonna keep up the garland after Christmas. It gives the apartment a nice vibe. I recommend everyone to add garland somewhere in their home. Etsy also has amazing home decor, so I'll be checking out my favorite shops on there to see what else I can add to our home. I think Christmas decorations have to be my favorite other than Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. I love how the holiday colors give spirit to our home.

Me and my morning cuppa as Carmen curls her tail on my leg so she can have some attention.

Apart from Christmas decorations, our home is coming together nicely. We bought a chunky wool braided rug. I searched for a very long time online for the perfect rug and I found it on Target's site! I probably overlooked the rug because I swear I went through every page on the rug section or they might've added it after cyber Monday. They had "cyber week," so I bought for $135 when it was originally around $300-600. I think that's a pretty good deal! I got so excited when UPS delivered it. The texture is amazing, it's soft and comfortable on the feet. We also bought a cute gray blanket basket since Kai and I are obsessed with blankets and basically collect them. I think our next purchase will probably be a headboard for our bed, but Kai's cousin Janaia says it's a better idea to make one at home since it'll be cheaper and a fun DIY project. I'll have to look for inspiration on Pinterest.

It's crazy how fast 2015 flew by. The first couple of months were stressful because I was going to school, planning a wedding, and working a job I ended up hating. Hate is a strong word, but I don't think I could ever work at a bank again. Kai was busy with his senior exhibit and traveling for work on weekends. After I quit my job, I spent a lot of time with him in Kalamazoo. It felt nice being away from Grand Rapids even if it was only forty minutes away. Others might disagree on this, but Kalamazoo gave me peace I don't think I've ever felt before. Maybe it was because I quit my job, but I liked being there! Right after Kai graduated, we both spent a lot of time checking out our venue for the wedding and deciding on the right caterer. I didn't know Frederik Meijer Gardens had a couple of caterers to choose from, so that was fun because brought along Kai's cousin Bishop. He's an amazing cook, so I trusted him and gave him a chance to also decide on the dishes we were going to serve at the wedding. After the wedding, Kai and I went right to Seattle to search for our new home, found it on the first day, and now we are here. Enjoying the holidays and the rainy weather. I'm for real obsessed with this weather. I don't think the sun has been out in over a week, so we have an excuse to stay in and get cozy. I'm ready for Christmas! I'm ready to watch the Grinch with Kai (I would ask my mom to rent that movie for me every single time we went to Blockbuster back in the day), and I'm ready to see what God has in store for us in 2016. Big blessing coming our way.

Bits of advice just because

Bits of advice just because