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Cyber Monday Goodies!

Ahhh, the joy of buying a lot of goodies online with exciting discounts. Cyber Monday gets me extra giddy because Kai and I both talk about what we want to buy and give each other advice on what we really need in our closet. There's a difference between want and need when it comes to clothes. I learned that the hard way. During high school, my mother would take me shopping every weekend and I remember buying a lot of clothes and shoes that I honestly didn't really need. I kept buying flats and long sleeves instead of investing in a good pair of pants or sneakers. I ended up giving away most of my stuff to my sisters or my friends because I had too many of the same things. I was obsessed with leggings and big turtleneck sweaters. I took that a little too far especially when I worked at the bank. I had short shifts, so I didn't want to dress up when I was going to leave after 3-4 hours of work. Leggings are a blessing and a curse for girls. They're easy to wear, comfortable, but relying on them pulls us away from wearing a perfect pair of skinny jeans or anything that expands our style and taste.

The fashion and style in Seattle is very inspiring to see. Everyone has their own look going on, so I wanted to start my closet all over when I moved there with Kai. He helped me A LOT. I remember when he bought me loads of clothes from ASOS and Zara before we went to see Drake perform in Detroit. I tried wearing heels to the show, but it was a fail. Future opened up for Drake and the stage was shaking so much, so I ended up switching to my Birkenstocks. I was rockin' them backstage. Hopefully Drake thought I looked pretty hip with them on (Aubrey, show me your turtleneck ways). Heels aren't my thing. Not now. Maybe later when I quit being a cry baby and try to get used to them (Amy, show me your heel ways).

Most of the stuff I bought on Cyber Monday was what I needed. I needed a new coat. I bought one from Zara awhile back, but I wanted something different, so I bought a parka from Topshop. It was originally priced at $190, but it was on sale for $95. What a great deal, right? I was pretty happy with that purchase. I was looking for other parkas on ASOS and Mango, but I felt like they were overpriced. I didn't want a parka that was too thin and couldn't last me through the winter, so I was looking for something a little heavier than a rain coat and lighter than my wool coat. It is a faux fur lined parka with a big fluffy hoodie, so I'm excited to get it in the mail! I just looked at the price and it looks like Topshop took off the sale and it's back to $190. Early bird gets the worm, y'all.

Picture Courtesy of Topshop

I also needed rain boots. It rains a lot in Seattle (what's new?), so I didn't want to keep getting my sneakers wet and I had to lay off my Birkenstocks. My sister told me to look at Hunter boots, so I found some online on Nordstrom for $155. Obviously they're pricey, but royals wear Hunter and it was free shipping, so might as well get a pair. I didn't want to buy boots that were up to my knees. I feel like those end up making my legs look too rubbery and weird. I bought 'Refined Short' gloss rain Hunter boots. I liked how they weren't too tall and the glossy finish made them look classier. They actually sell the same boots without the glossy finish on Urban Outfitters for a cheaper price, so I guess I could've looked there. I was being impulsive. Lesson learned.

Picture Courtesy of Nordstrom

The next two purchases I wanted/needed were from Urban Outfitters. I didn't need the Reeboks I bought, but I did need a new purse, specifically a tote bag. I bought a bucket bag from ASOS and I LOVE it! It's the perfect size and I use it all of the time, but that's the problem. I don't like using purses to the point where they get completely destroyed. I like having a variety of purses and rotating them every a couple of weeks or so. Kai told me to buy some white Adidas that people love because Kanye wore them once, but I already have about 6 pairs of Adidas, so I wanted to switch it up. The Reeboks I bought from UO are classic! I love the simple color and design. UO had a 'spend $150, get $50 off' deal going on, so Kai and I took advantage of that. One of the reasons why I like shopping on UO is the website design. In all honesty. I sometimes go on there just to look at it because it has a crisp, clean design that a lot of retail stores lack. Less is more! Tote bags are the reason why my laziness lives on. I throw so much stuff in my purses that it just becomes a big ball of mess. I used to keep everything organized because purses usually come with small pockets on each side, but tote bags let me be me. The one I bought is reversible, so the inside has a cool blue color. Apparently the tote bag is now sold out, but UO has similar ones.

Picture Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Finally, my last purchase. I went back to my high school ways and bought a hoodie, a cardigan, and 3 pairs of socks from Forever 21. Of course Forever had outrageous sales on Cyber Monday. They seriously always have crazy sales. Free shipping when you spend one dollar. Just kidding, but seriously. They love getting rid of their cheap shirts and pants. That's one thing I don't like about Forever... Their pants. The fabric is horrible. The black hoodie I bought has different texture and it's heavyweight. Why not buy more black clothes? The cardigan I bought is lightweight and open-front longline. I liked the size of the pockets and the way they were shaped. I love cardigans and I need new ones since I got rid of my old ones that were too thin. Lastly, the socks! I pretty much bought 3 pairs of socks for $5 and they're cute and funky. I think I did pretty good this year on Cyber Monday. Wait... I forgot to buy another pair of Birkenstocks. I'll ask Kai for some for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Picture Courtesy of Forever 21

Bits of advice just because

Bits of advice just because