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Understand & Learn, please

I feel like I have to talk about something that I've been learning these past few years since I've been with Kai. We've seen a lot of people come in and out of our lives while we've been progressing as a couple. It's something that disappointing and sad to see, but also rewarding knowing God has shown us people's true colors and also the real meaning of friendship. What's done in the darkness will always come to light. I cannot express that enough. We've meet incredible people and have connected with the right people. I'll post about our short trip to LA later on tonight, but I'm just gonna be expressing how I've been feeling lately. Every single person that's a part of the Soulection crew has showed us real love and appreciation. They offer help, they inspire us, and they've helped us understand what friendship and family mean. I wouldn't even call them friends actually, I would call them our family because we are all moving forward as a whole. I think this is honestly my first time feeling great having inspiring, kind, and humble women around me. It's sad to see how women can tear each other down because of jealousy, pride, and anger. Women tend to see another woman's life and get upset because of their success. Someone's success should not bring you down, it should help you realize that you have to reach for your own success. That's the whole point of being inspired by others. In order for women to get along, we have to help each other. We cannot look at each other and see competition. We cannot get jealous of something that we can't control. My girl Amy is great at that. She'll see what you have and congratulate for it. She won't see it as something she can't have. It's all about having confidence within yourself and that goes for men too. Kai has seen people react to his success and it's not always happiness and cheers. Kai has worked way too hard for what he has now to get pulled down by people with negativity. That's why I appreciate everyone that I've met so far from Soulection. Everyone is motivating each other. Everyone is keeping each other focused. It's sad to say that I'm not used to having solid and kind people around me, but with time, God has gotten me out of messy friendships and has brought me closer to His meaning of friendship. It just feels great when people are nice to each other. It's such a simple concept, but unfortunately, it's not that common.

Another thing
Seeing someone's craft does not mean you should copy what they are doing. Be inspired by it, do not COPY. That's just the worst. God has given every single person a certain craft and if you haven't found it yet, that's okay. Be patient. Stay humble and seek for it, however long it may be. How can someone not respect you, but want what you have and copy what you've been creating? I never understood that. That's just jealousy. That's not right and it's toxic. If you're not feeling someone's vibe, that's fine, stay away from them and continue to do you, but don't look at what they have and try to steal it, and make it your own. All you're doing is getting lost in the confusion that you created for no reason and tainting what could potentially be your way to success.

Be inspired, that's all I'm saying.
Be inspired, be kind, and stay humble.

In the mean time

To California & Back