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To California & Back

My babygirl Carmen! I took this photo a couple of weeks ago. I thought she looked cute between all of the remotes squinting her eyes. I missed her so much when we were in California. We came back and I swear she grew up. Her fur is thicker and her body is bigger. What a doll. I can't get enough of her. She has her own personality and her attitude is another issue. She'll make us follow her around or she'll want us to brush her while she eats her meals. She's basically spoiled. We had Kai's little cousin Asia watch her again while we were gone. Asia kept sending me videos of Carmen running around after her little toy mouse. We actually have to get her a new one because she tore it up. She keeps looking for it around the house, so I'll probably make Kai go buy her one asap before she gets depressed that it's gone!

I loved this lighting and it looked peaceful while Kai and I were just laying down and talking. I remember waiting for moments like that four years ago. I knew we were going to get married, I just couldn't wait for it!!! We bought this lamp at Target I believe and it has great texture and gives off cozy lighting. We have one in our bedroom and another in our living room. We actually just set up white Christmas lights around our kitchen so we can have those on while we watch a movie! We also bought those at Target and they were 50% off!

I haven't been to California in a really long time, so when Kai has shows and business to do there, I go with! We were there for five days. Our first stop was Stanford University where Kai performed with Elhae. It was nice hanging out wit the students who put the event together. It was a small event which made things more personal and comfortable. People were really excited to see Kai and Elhae did a great job. It was my first time watching him live and meeting him! He made the crowd laugh a lot, which I really don't see a lot when it comes to rapper performances. Stanford University is beautiful! One of the students told me that it has its own zip code which is mind-blowing considering the fact that their acceptance rate is only 5%!!! That's crazy to me. I was talking to two super sweet girls backstage and they were telling me that you never really know if you're going to get accepted into the university or not. It's a 50/50 chance. It doesn't solely depend on perfect grades because the application will ask you questions like, "What's your favorite song?" One of the girls told me, "I didn't lie on my application. I told them my favorite song is every song by Fabolous or Jadakiss. You'll have students lying saying they like Bach or Beethoven." I was cracking up! They do have geniuses roaming the hallways! One of the girls' roommates discovered an enzyme that can cure cancer... When I heard that, I was like ??? HOW! Kai's performance was, as always, great. I'm happy the students enjoyed having him out there with Elhae.

After Kai's Stanford performance, we headed to Pomona, California. He performed at the Hard Fest which was a Halloween Festival. I loved the lights that they added to his performance, which made everything suspenseful and really intense! It was a quick in and out type of thing. We were super tired, so we decided to leave immediately after he was done, go back to the hotel, and eat some foooood! Of course I had some French fries (I have to stop eating so many fries, but they're my favorite).

Every single time people hear "dadadadada da," everyone freaks out. That song will never go out of style, I swear! I went in the crowd and took a video of some part of the performance. People were doing their thing, dancing all weird, having a good time. After a day in Pomona, we headed to LA and that was our last stop before heading home and we were there for a few days. Personally, I couldn't live in LA. It's dry and the weather is boring! It was actually kind of cold and windy, but I was missing Seattle's rainy, cloudy, and foggy weather with all of the green trees!!! Kai had to record his interview at Beats 1 Radio with Joe, so while they were doing that, I was hanging out with my girl Amy and her cute babygirl Maliyah. We talked for awhile, ate some popcorn, colored with Maliyah, and just relaxed while the boys were working, per usual. I didn't really do anything extravagant in LA. I just lounged around in the hotel room, waiting for Kai to be done with his business stuff. Oh, wait, we did go see Joe, Julio, Jacqueline, and Andre speak at USC, discussing the movement and creation of Soulection. It's crazy how so many people look up to those guys! The audience asked interesting questions and they all gave detailed answers.

I LOVED the interior design at The Line Hotel. I kept taking pictures of the walls, lamps, chairs. It was my little inspo moment. I'm probably gonna decorate our apartment some more now since I spent a couple of days in perfectly designed hotel rooms. More rugs and lamps for me!!! Kai and I actually have to go and see what they have in IKEA, but it's across the water, so we gotta go whenever we have free time and feel like going. I know. We sound lazy, but that's not it. I promise.

Oh my gosh, we had late night Korean BBQ and it was my first time having it. Kai and I didn't know what we were doing, so I asked out waiter to help us figure it all out. I pretty much ate everything like tacos. It seemed logical to me because of the rice cakes and meat. Tacos for life. We had delicious kimchi and I've been craving kimchi for a while. There were a couple of Koreans sitting beside us, and I'm pretty sure they were making fun of us because we didn't know what we were doing... It's okay, I would've made fun of people if they didn't know how to eat tacos... I'm sure everyone knows how to eat tacos. Oh well!

I took this picture of Kai and Carmen awhile back. It's kinda of spooky, but I love it! I was going through my pictures on my camera and it made me miss home. I'm happy to be back home and spend a few days here before we go back tomorrow (Saturday) since Kai and Goldlink are both performing at the Soulection monthly show. It's gonna be a good one! So excited. I've never been to a monthly, so I'm ready for a good night. Well, not the fact that we have to get up early the next morning to catch a flight back home. I'm sorry, but I HATE early flights. I always make Kai get afternoon or noon-ish flights if we ever travel together. I just don't like being extremely tired and haggard, that's when my allergies start up and my eyes dry up like crazy!

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