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Bits of advice just because

  1. If you want something badly enough, you can get it.
  2. Doing things for yourself is not wrong. 
  3. Don't keep people waiting.
  4. Being alive is its own reward. 
  5. Invest in a good blanket. 
  6. Take your time when you eat a meal. 
  7. Appreciate good sleep. 
  8. Tell your mother you love her. 
  9. Don't overanalyze and don't overreact.
  10. Better an open enemy than a false friend. 
  11. Don't confuse comfort with happiness. 
  12. Growing up shouldn't scare you.
  13. Be happy when your friends succeed.  
  14. People will knock at your door only to see what you have inside. 
  15. Don't send a boy to do a man's work. 

2AM & it's Thanksgiving Day

BRB, Seattle