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These next few days, Kai is gonna be traveling for work. He'll be in Texas, Utah, and New Mexico. I actually wanna visit Utah myself and New Mexico too, but not while he's working. He moves around a lot, and when I'm on vacation, I wanna eat food all day and lay around. That's a fat joke. Usually, when he's gone, I try to cook a lot of meals that I learn from Chef John. If you guys haven't checked him out on YouTube, please do! His username is Food Wishes and I swear he makes the BEST food. Everything is super yummy and pretty easy to make unless he says otherwise. He also has a blog I check everyday to see what I can make and I usually save the meal links in order to keep track of them. I'm not a big breakfast eater, which I should be because everyone else is too. In the mornings, I usually drink a cup of coffee. I get so excited the night before just thinking about drinking coffee in the morning. Yes. It's that serious. Which reminds me, I gotta buy a coffee grinder and some local coffee so I can taste what Seattle loves. My favorite breakfast to eat is: over medium eggs, avocado, toast, and coffee. Kai and I usually go to Geraldine's for breakfast/brunch. It's about ten minutes from our apartment. I don't make breakfast every morning though, so like I said, I gotta get on it! Kai is obsessed with pancakes so that's his go-to. I don't like pancakes that much, but he can make delicious pancakes. He made pumpkin pancakes last night! They were super good!!! This morning, I had grapefruit which is my favorite fruit. Every time I tell people that, they look at me crazy, but I LOVE grapefruits. I can eat them everyday and I usually squeeze the juice out and drink it. I remember my dad would bring two big bags of grapefruits home from work and my mom and I would be so excited, we would eat all of them in a day. No joke.

Since my obsession with Tolkien is forever growing, I wanted to gain more insight and knowledge about his creation of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. I'm taking my time reading The Hobbit because there's so much information to take in. I usually go back and forth with the book and the complete guide to MIddle-Earth book that I bought online from Barnes and Noble. Going back and forth takes a lot of time, so I usually spend my time reading while Kai is gone. More peace and quiet. He usually likes to play his PS4 games and yell at the TV (It's okay Kai, I know you're reading this. I still love you honey). There's so much spirituality behind each book and Tolkien honestly has helped me these past few years understand the meaning of good and bad, good vs evil, the light vs the dark, whatever you may call it. Him and C.S. Lewis are my besties. Oh yeah, I also love Narnia! I remember watching the movie in theaters when i was fifteen years old and I instantly started researching so much about Lewis. His passion and love for God also helped me realize how important is to love God. Love God and everything else will fall into place. I bought a journal a few years back and I'm still not done with the pages. When I first saw it, I swear it was love at first sight. The design and the owl on the cover was beautiful. It inspired me to write my daily thoughts and just anything that I feel. I usually write little pieces of wisdom and I have about 20-30 pages full. I encourage anyone to buy a journal just to write things down, practice penmanship, and express certain things that you can't with anyone else. 

When Kai and I moved to Seattle, I really wanted to start my wardrobe ALL over. I wanted to get rid of a lot of clothes that weren't fitting right, out of style, so pretty much most of things that I bought from Michigan. I didn't know where to start, but since Kai is really good at dressing comfortable and affordable, I let him buy me pretty much anything that he thought would look good on me. For a long time, I was too afraid to buy clothes because I was worried about what people would think of me. That sounds super insecure, but I'm sure a lot of women and men go through this. It's just something that I've dealt with my entire life, but Kai has helped me get out of that mentality. This past summer, Kai bought me a new wardrobe from ASOS and Zara. Zara is a train ride away from my apartment, so I usually go there whenever I need to buy something for a trip or new fall/winter clothes. Personally, I think Zara is affordable, their quality is amazing, and I never buy something from there that I regret. I bought a cute wool coat for the winter and it's my favorite so far! Seattle doesn't get too cold and it doesn't snow as much as Michigan, so it's the perfect coat to wear. I usually wear a long sleeve under it because the wool is pretty thick. I'm not sure if they still have the same coat on Zara's website, but they do have similar coats with different styles and colors. Kai bought me trousers, boyfriend jeans, and slacks from ASOS because I needed a variety of pants. I do love my Levi jeans and leggings, but I don't like wearing them everyday. I bought a pair of mom jeans from Topshop in California and I was excited to try them on because they fit differently than all of my other jeans. They're high-waisted and comfortable to sit in. Sometimes, certain jeans restrict comfort when I sit down, so I like to have different fits in jeans. You can buy them here! I've loved turtle necks for a long time because I think they add a touch of sophistication and elegance. I usually wear turtle necks with a bold lip and subtle eye makeup. I have a lot of turtle neck sweaters that I bought last winter from H&M. What I like to do is look through my clothes and write things down that I need. Right now, I need more black clothes. Just kidding. I have too many black clothes. I need more long sleeves that have different fabrics and styles. I need long sweaters that offer more of comfort. I need coats that are thin enough to wear in 50 degree weather, especially in our windy and rainy conditions that we have everyday!

I like to steal Kai's sweaters when he's not wearing them. He has comfortable sweaters and whenever I like to dress down, I wear his sweaters with leggings or boyfriend jeans. He bought me a poncho from ASOS and it's my favorite thing to wear whenever we go out. If I could wear it everyday, I would. It's easy to put on and the color is beautiful. In the picture, it's all the way to the right. It's the perfect color for this season and I usually don't have to wear a coat over it because it's thick enough to keep me warm. What I'm trying to learn from expanding my wardrobe is to keep the price reasonable while the clothes have good quality. One of my goals is to have a little bit of everything. I follow a couple of bloggers and stylists on Instagram and they inspire me to not be afraid of buying something that might look a little weird on me. I wasn't into boyfriend jeans because I didn't like how they looked on my legs and my butt, but I started to wear them so much that I received compliments from people. Honestly, Kai has helped me to not worry about how I look so much. I've driven myself crazy worrying about how I look and I started to wear the same thing everyday because I only felt comfortable in leggings and a sweater. I think in a way, I killed my own sense of style for awhile because of my own discouragement. I'm finally out of that and I'm happy to be able to afford what I couldn't in the past. I'm excited to buy different pieces of clothing with confidence. My life has been getting better and better each day in Seattle in every way possible. My mornings are bright and exciting. My days are full of planning and writing. My nights are full of reading, cooking, and blogging. I'd like to think that God brought me out of Michigan and placed me here with my husband. It's my calling. I'd like to end this post with a picture of Carmen sleeping which looks really uncomfortable. She woke up fine though. I would wake up with pain on my neck. Do cats ever wake up the way humans do? Is that a stupid question? I don't know. 

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